BoxSets, Discovery Kids launch on Foxtel.

Foxtel today launches new channels and more in HD.

2014-11-03_0026Foxtel today launches two new channels: BoxSets and Discovery Kids and drops pricing too.

BoxSets will be available on CH 116 as part of the Foxtel Drama pack.

Titles available live and in Anytime (On-Demand):
Game of Thrones – Seasons 1-4
The Sopranos – Seasons 1-6
Big Love – Seasons 1-5
The Newsroom – Seasons 1-2
Rome – Seasons 1-2
Band of Brothers – Miniseries
Entourage – Seasons 1-8
Wentworth – Seasons 1-2
Angels in America – Miniseries
The Pacific – Miniseries
Luck – Season 1

Additional titles available in Anytime (On-Demand):
Absolutely Fabulous – Seasons 1-5
True Blood – Seasons 1-7
Boardwalk Empire – Seasons 1-5
Getting On
Looking – Season 1
Girls – Seasons 1-3
Dexter – Seasons 1-7
The Borgias – Seasons 1-3
Sex and the City – Seasons 1-6
Devil’s Playground – Season 1
Morden – Season 1

From 3 November 2014 the price of Premium Movies and Drama Pick will drop from $25 to $20 a month.

If you currently subscribe to the Premium Movies and Drama Pick the price will drop from $25 to $20 from your next bill cycle after 3 November 2014.

From 1 November 2014, the Pay Per View option will no longer be available on Foxtel Play via Xbox 360.

Discovery Kids launches today as part of the Kids General Entertainment pack. It will include a variety of Australian television premieres focusing on topics such as Science & Technology, Nature, Wildlife and Creative Arts, as well as the channel’s first local production to be announced soon.

There are also new HD channels:

Arena HD
Universal HD
13th Street HD
History HD
World Movies HD
Fox Sports News HD
Eurosport HD
Fox Sports 4 HD
BoxSets HD

Some channels will also be changing numbers from today. I will update this post with further details today.

Title: Channel No. / +2

TVH!TS 101 149
UKTV 103 150
Arena NEW IN 105 151
LifeStyle 106 152
FOX8 108 153
111 Greats 111 154
Universal NEW IN 112 155
Fox Classics 113 156
The Comedy Channel 121 162
A&E 122
Syfy 123 163
MTV 124
E! 125
Style 126
LifeStyle FOOD 127 164
LifeStyle HOME 128
LifeStyle YOU 129 165
TLC 130 166
Studio 132
7TWO 137*
GO! 139*
11 141*

SoHo 114 157
showcase 115 158
BoxSets NEW IN 116
BBC First 117
13th Street NEW IN 118 160
FX 119 161

Movies Preview Channel 400 146
Foxtel Movies Premiere 401 411
Foxtel Movies Masterpiece 402
Foxtel Movies Disney 404
Foxtel Movies Family 405 414
Foxtel Movies Action 406 412
Foxtel Movies Comedy 407
Foxtel Movies Romance 408
Foxtel Movies Thriller 409
TCM 428
World Movies NEW IN 430
The Store/Box Office 901-914

Fox Sports News NEW IN 500
Fox Sports 1 501
Fox Sports 2 502
Fox Sports 3 503
Fox Footy 504
Fox Sports 4 NEW IN 505
Fox Sports 5 506
ESPN 508
ESPN2 509
Eurosport NEW IN 511
Eurosportnews 514
Sky Racing 519
Sky Racing 2 520
Sky Racing World 521
TVN 522

Bio 133
Discovery 608 640
National Geographic 610 641

BBC Knowledge 612
Crime + Investigation 613
Animal Planet 615
Nat Geo Wild 616
Nat Geo People 628
Discovery Turbo Max 634 635
Discovery Science 638

ABC 2/4 134*
Nickelodeon 701
Nick Jr 703
CBeebies 705
Disney 707
Disney XD 708
Disney Junior 709
Cartoon Network 713
Boomerang 715
Discovery K!ds 718

Sky News National 601
Sky News Business 602
Sky News Weather 603
Fox News 604
CNN 605
ABC News 24 642
CNBC 644
A-PAC 648
BBC World News 649
Bloomberg 650
Aljazeera 651
CCTV – News 653
CCTV – 9 Documentary 654
NHK World 656

[V] 801
[V] Hits 803
Max 805
MTV Music 808
MTV Dance 810
CMC 815
Foxtel Tunes 830

TVSN 176
EXPO 177
Australian Christian Channel 182
Aurora 183
Help Channel – MyStar 432
Main Event 518
Antenna 941
RAI International 942
Adults Only 960-1
Help Channel – iQ 999

*Free to air channels will vary based on location and box type and not all channels are available in all areas.

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  1. I only had the Essentials package for $49 because I dropped Sport & Drama before going overseas for 2 months. As of Nov 3 the extras mean I have Premium Entertainment Combo (which includes docos and kids) and Drama (minus the Boxsets channel). So for $49 I’m getting $75 worth of content. Thanks Rupert! Loving your generosity – while it lasts….

  2. The one thing that drives me nuts is Fox Sports 4/5 being on 505/6. Couldn’t they move Fox Footy to 506 or call it Fox Sports 4 “Four the Footy” or something like that and have Fox Sports 6?

  3. Yesterday I was happy to see that ABC News 24 was in the planner! However when I selected it, I got a message inviting me to upgrade to HD to see it.
    We already pay quite enough each month for the Platinum subscription, and can’t really justify more.
    From other discussions about the poor deal for Platinum subscribers (same money but 2 free movies per month) I am looking into dropping both the kids and the sports and then maybe I can justify the extra expense of HD.

  4. @Cam Reed
    Telstra denied the reports and announced the new T-Box home entertainment packages, we shall see on the 9th. It has been also been reported that they are looking at a light-weight device like Chromecast as a replacement for the box, and are broadening their sources of content.

    It looks like Telstra are locked into Foxtel deals and Foxtel aren’t passing any reduction on costs onto Telstra. Foxtel aren’t passing on the reduction in entertainment package to their subscribers either because it is hard for subscribers to cancel a subscription. It is easy to drop packages and those savings Foxtel is passing on.

    This will drive Telstra out of reselling Foxsports and the drama package leaving Foxtel as the sole supplier which they can exploit by bundling them with phone and broadband in 2015 to compete with Telstra, Optus, TPG, iiNet etc.

    Telstra is instead focusing…

  5. @Pertinax – There have been reports that Telstra are dropping the T-Box and going in with Foxtel on a joint venture Set-top Box which will also carry Foxtel’s Presto subscription video on demand service. These reports appear to be true as if you look on the Telstra Website the T-Box price has been dropped to $144 a $216 discount (and free delivery), so they seem to be running them out now.

  6. You still get ABC News 24 if you have IQ2 but not subscribing to HD.

    I have IQ2 and subscribe to HD but last summer I cut sports and HD to save money until Footy season started again – still was able to get ABC New 24 at the time on ch 202.

    Was close to cutting HD again but now there is so much more in HD it is well and truly worth keeping HD on.

    Problem I have now is how blury Seven, Nine and TEN look after watching a show in true HD on Foxtel!

  7. And Foxtel are passing on the reduction in price for the drama and movie packages, because its easy for people to drop a package.

    They aren’t passing on the saving for the entertainment package because they figure people won’t cancel their subscription.

  8. Pertinax you are correct Telstra can spin it how they Luke but Tekstra customers are paying more, yes cheaper if you bundle but their phone and internet are also expensive so no incentive, Foxtel here our family come

  9. Telstra is claiming you get the Boxsets channel free instead of the price cut. Of course Boxsets is free in the $20 Drama package Telstra are charging you more for — so a strange definition of free.

    Telstra has now changed tack and are launching new bundles in a campaign starting Nov 9th. They are going to give families better value by still changing $100 p.m. but including free installation and model (pay thousands more save $150!). Central to them is a 40 channel version of the T-Box and selling watching over WiFi in your home.

    Anyway if you want Foxtel Drama package you are better off quitting Telstra when your contract expires, signing up with Foxtel and finding a phone/broadband bundle. Foxtel aren’t launching their phone/broadband bundles till Q1 next year.

  10. Still amazes me that they have HD channels, all the shows are in HD are still shown in HD regardless of whether you have a HD IQ box or not.

    the channel line up is still a bit over the place.

    I live in Adelaide and am still annoyed that freeview multi channels aren’t available, ironically if I had austar I could get all freeview channels.

    Lastly why is ABC news24 only available to HD customers? its a FTV channel.

  11. So there’s still no word when Commercial Free To Air Channels will be available for satellite subscribers in Adelaide?
    I would be nice to have all of the television in one place with out having to flick between sources on the tv which gets annoying.

  12. Entertainment for $5.90 a week
    That’s $25 a month for 12 months and your subscription includes
    44 channels of great entertainment when you also have an eligible Telstra service.
    12 month terms. Min cost of Entertainment Package with $40/mth Telstra Home Phone Local, $75 standard install and $75 equipment fee is $930 ($65/mth).

  13. Hope David don’t mind me helping people out here on his site by linking a pdf of the new channels

    Thanks David


  14. Premium movies and drama was $25 which included movies and showcase. Movies is now $20 and if you want showcase it is another $20 (but you also get other channels that used to be in other packages), so $40. Basic has reduced, but then if you want Disney you now need to pay for kids.

    It is pretty misleading to say the price of premium drama and movies drops. It is an apples and cantaloupes comparison. Some people will be better off, others will be worse and others will be neutral.

    Foxtel packages and pricing have restructured is the non spin headline.

  15. Good to see ‘new’ HD channels but now we have to re-learn which channels are where and the numbers.

    I can only assume we’ll get some notification via email (I don’t get bills by post any more) to show us the changes and new monthly amount?

  16. But will you ever be able to get just the channels you want and not a whole lot of dross as well?

    I don’t know the technical aspects of Foxtel but does having the extra HD channels mean they have less bandwidth for the others? Hence a drop in quality?

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