1. The commentary for Aus v Jpn was gratingly patriotic at times. Is it too much to ask for one major sport in this country to have commentators that I don’t want to punch out?

  2. Guys, Studio 10 pays for itself. That’s why they have about 4 advertorials before 9.30am. On the other end of the day, I hope Tarsh fills in for Carrie on the project next year! No bad feelings to Carrie, but she is a breath of fresh air. No giggling.

  3. harrypotter1994

    Then again First Contact was also screened on NITV at 830 and SBS2 at 930 something which I don’t think happened with GBTWYCF. Of course the increase wouldn’t be much but there would be some.

  4. @oceanographer
    The FFA was trying to rebuild the national team, get to the World Cup and start the A-league. And exclusive deal with Foxsports was the only way they could fund that.

    Now that that’s done they have gotten more soccer back on FTA.

    Away Friendlies never rate well, especially mid week and running till 11:30pm. Numbers will improve for Australia’s cup games. Especially if we can play for more than 45 minutes.

  5. I’m not surprised for the low figure for Japan – Australia game. It was the first live Friendly match on free-to-air in 8 years so I’m thinking a lot of people were expecting the match to be screened only on Fox Sports. The FFA have really messed around with Socceroo games for years – giving exclusivity to foxsports, putting world cup qualifying games on 1 or 2 hour delays on free to air – its a bloody joke the way they have treated football fans who don’t have pay tv. I’m pretty the anti-siphoning list was in place to stop this sort of thing from happening both political parties don’t have the foresight or any interest in the sport to add Socceroo matches to that list. And now they want people to jump on the bandwagon for the Asian Cup. The way the Socceroos are playing and group Socceroo matches being on 2 hours delay on the ABC is just weak.

  6. Sad numbers for Arrow. I guess it’s one of those serials that viewers need to follow week to week, and (personally) I gave up when it continually moved timeslots on 9.
    It’s a boxset/online viewing title for me.

  7. Hey David that Socceroos match last night was just a friendly against Japan. The Asian Cup doesn’t start until January. Just thought i’d let you know.

  8. Extremely low figures for Studio 10 yesterday, I think its more of a reflection of the ratings system in Australia then actual viewers turning off/tuning in. I think Sandra Sully is doing a stellar job filling in, much prefer her presenting this style of program then the serious news personally. Tarsh will be a great fill-in for the rest of the month while Sarah is away with Shark Tank commitments.

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