Hot tip: Waleed Aly poised for permanent Project chair?

2014-12-02_1203If the signs are right, regular Project host Waleed Aly could well become a permanent host on the TEN show.

Aly, who has been a semi-regular co-host, has resigned from his duties on ABC’s Radio National, and recently lost his Big Ideas TV show with the broadcaster.

Meanwhile over at TEN, producer Rove McManus is about to conclude his four month stint alongside Carrie Bickmore and Peter Helliar.

Having used guest co-hosts since the departure of Charlie Pickering, producers have been mulling a permanent replacement for some time.

Aly is much-admired within TEN as a smart and quick operator without being too smug, but there has been some consideration as to whether he carries broad appeal.

With a pregnant Carrie Bickmore due to take time out next year, having familiar faces would be a boon and the universe appears to be aligning in his favour.

Bring it on.


  1. I only watch The Project intermittently but have found the Rove, Pete and Carrie combination solid, a shame it can’t continue. Can’t comment on Waleed as I haven’t really watched much of him in anything

  2. Boogie Howser

    Waleed has been the standout of the fill-in hosts. He seems to be the only regular capable of having an well-thought-through opinion and backing it up with facts. The reference below to his poor ratings on a Friday neglects the fact that Channel Ten always has poor ratings on a Friday. Some suit upstairs is probably looking at a focus group report and shaking in their boots at the prospect of giving a man with an Arabic name such a prominent role on a mainstream FTA network, but to do so would be a massive sign of confidence in the show, the man and the general good sense of the program’s audience.

    Now they just need to lose the bloggers and radio hosts and return to having knowledgable senior faces on the panel so it doesn’t feel like I’m getting my news in Show and Tell.

  3. Agreed Gabbo .. I think Waleed would be great in a permanent role. Matt Doran is too lightweight, like Rove. The Project has degenerated into a giggle-fest lately, they’re more about entertaining themselves than the audience. The serious/lightweight balance has been pretty skewed and needs to refocus.

    I still think Charlie was the best in that chair, but Waleed comes a close second, in my book.

  4. Definitely won’t watch if that’s the case, rove can also be insufferable at times too, but I don’t think this is the way forward for The Project, Aly lacks warmth and looks out of his depth

    Guess I’ll just stop watching instead of occasionally checking in

  5. Waleed Ali would be a great choice. He’s quick, smart and fair. Most important, though, he cares about Australia and what we are as a nation. He’s not about pushing his own barrow nor about his own career. The co-host chair desperately needs someone who is savvy and informed, not another comedian trying to outdo the other comedians. Nor does it need another hollow, bland compere-type. As for Waleed being a leftie…people who believe that obviously also believe that anyone who disagrees with Steve Price is a radical commo. This is a real chance to strengthen The Project. Just do it!
    PS Whovever suggested Gretel to partner Ali…great idea…that would be a programme with real grunt. Just do that too!

  6. The Things I've Seen.

    I’m not convinced on Waleed as permanent. Here’s a radical thought, how about another female co-host. Say Georgie and Carrie. (And Natasha Belling when Carrie is on maternity leave?)
    Just a thought.

  7. I think he’s great. Charlie is a hard act to follow and so far Waleed isn’t as good IMHO, but hopefully given this role he’ll make it his own. He’s a very smart, articulate and empathetic guy.

  8. @maxxdude.

    I do not know what religion waleed is. I think its a massive generalisation to think peoples opinion on someone is based is on religion. There are lots of personalities on tv that divide viewer opinion.

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