Mike Munro quits TEN

Mike MunroThat was quick.

Mike Munro has quit TEN less than 10 months after joining it.

Munro resigned as weekend news presenter in October, according to The Australian, following severe cuts in the News department.

“I’d love to be able to stay but with the severe cutbacks on the weekend national bulletin, it’s too difficult,’’ he told the newspaper. “Just after I joined TEN, 150 people from the newsroom were made redundant. It was a terrible time but despite all of that the ­morale and determination of the young staff was just incredible. TEN is genuinely a lovely place to work.”

Back in March, Munro told TV Tonight, he was looking forward to lifting TEN’s news, despite it being under-resourced.

“All we can really offer is a good, sound, national one-hour bulletin with, you would hope direct, ethical, unbiased news. To try and be as balanced as you can with as little cross-promotion as possible,” he said at the time.

“It’s not going to happen overnight. It will be a long haul and we know where we are on the ladder.

“But I love a challenge and this is a challenge.”


  1. Mike Munro’s 12 month contract was almost up anyway. Mike’s replacement is Tarsh Belling who will appear regularly on Studio10 and The Project. Tarsh starts Feb 14

  2. Am not surprised that Mike left 10, I did read somewhere that he was a difficult person to get along with at times and that is why he left 7. When he was with 9 think because he was there such a long time had more say in things as opposed to 7 and 10, but could be mistaken.

  3. Sad to hear a presenter with so much gravitas and experience is departing. It saddens me the way we don’t treasure our “mature” readers like they do in the UK and the U.S. Are we afraid of grey hair here? A mix of youth and experience makes perfect sense to me, and it would reflect the changing demographic of the Australian population. while we’re at it where are the grey haired weather presenters? I see lots of older ones on CNN and the BBC, but for some reason here in Australia there’s a tendency to employ people who look like models. Where are the Alan Wilkies of this world!!

  4. Bettestreep2008,Candice Wyatt was already apart of TEN News… Has been for many years. I agree that she’s a little inexperienced to read the news but is a very good journo.

  5. bettestreep2008


    How could they be under resourced when the Melbourne nightly news just hired a pretty blonde to present the news with Steve Quatermain?

    Surely this – very obvious – inexperienced young woman would be on a 6 figure salary?

    If they have to make cuts to their news services then they shouldn’t have hired another newsreader – especially one so inexperienced.

  6. @Maev….Sydney – This Is Your Life can always be hosted one of the Ten’s presenters like Matt White or Grant Denyer.

    Ten should get Matt Doran and Tarsh to present the weekend bulletin with Kim Soekov as a fill in presenter

  7. @Maev….Sydney – but there is always a chance that some other presenter will host it

    Ten should get Tarsh and Matt Doran to host the weekend bulletin with Kimberley Soekov as a fill in host

  8. Maev....Sydney

    Guess he wont be doing any This is your Life renewal then….I am sorry…I like Mike…TEN dont seem to like older news readers…I was surprised they even hired him after sacking Ron Wilson….who was still their most interesting news person.

  9. Let’s hope Natarsha Belling or Matt Doran gets the job or even Sarah Harris… It won’t be Kimberley Soekov as she’s expecting a baby in 2015

  10. Maybe Mike will be heading to Sky News? With this Foxtel/Discovery takeover deal would Ten and Sky share the same presenters and reporters and Ten become a news/sport channel

  11. Ten was crazy to think it could associate such a well recognised journalist like mike Munro with its poor excuse of a weekend news bulletin. A single hour long offering for the whole country. That’s not news, especially for WA, it’s 3 hours old. Pathetic to think they couldn’t produce a live bulletin for QLD and WA… Considering it is only 6pm and 8pm in Sydney

  12. I’m surprised he lasted that long. Ten’s weekend bulletin is an absolute trainwreck. The upcoming national bulletin for two weeks over the Christmas period isn’t going to be any better. On a brighter note, I’m please Natarsha Belling will finally return to a permanent newsreader role after the Wake Up shocker.

  13. This is sad. I really enjoyed mike reading he news. He had warmth and was not monotone like so many average newsreaders. But his decision was totally understandable. The ten newsroom must be a under resourced and horrible place to work. Ten news has become an absolute joke with no investment what so ever. To think they have only one presentation in every 24 hours in totally unacceptable. News is still the most watched program on tv and ten will never become a serious competitor with this lack of commitment to news.

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