Nine snatches final week of the year

Peter Hitchener and Livinia Nixon-2The last week of the ratings year went down to the last day of the ratings year, with Seven and Nine both going into Saturday as a dead heat.

In the end Nine fell over the line by just 0.6% (whether Seven can snatch it back in Consolidated figures remains to be seen).

Nine: 29.0
Seven: 28.4
ABC: 19.3
TEN: 18.4
SBS: 4.9

Nine News (Sun: 1.22m) was the biggest audience of the week. One Day Cricket scored 1.18m at Game 5 S2, A Current Affair was 780,000 and a Big Bang repeat was 769,000.

Seven News was 1.2m for Seven then Sunday Night (1.17m) and Dancing with the Stars (1.07m).

Australian Story was 999,000 for ABC followed by Countdown: Do Yourself a Favour (918,000) and ABC News (797,000).

Gold Coast Cops (771,000) scored for TEN. Territory Cops was 723,000 and NCIS was 700,000.

On SBS ONE it was London’s Super Tunnel (270,000), Wild Croatia (264,000) and Secrets of Britain (262,000).

Primary channel:
Nine: 19.3
Seven: 19.1
ABC: 14.0
TEN: 12.7
SBS ONE: 3.8

GO!: 6.3
7TWO: 5.2
7mate: 4.1
GEM: 3.4
ABC2: 3.0
ONE: 2.7
ABC News 24: 1.6
SBS 2: 0.9
ABC3: 0.7
NITV: 0.2

Nine won the demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Seven won Monday – Friday while Nine ranked first on Sunday and Saturday. ABC bettered Seven on Saturday and TEN on Monday, Friday and Saturday.

Seven won Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Nine took Sydney and Melbourne.

Summer non-ratings season is now underway.


  1. Nine got there with a mediocre family movie, Journey 2 on Go!, doing well in Melbourne by offering an alternative to the election coverage on the main channels.

    Around 5% of viewers record and watch talent shows in days 2-7. 20-40% of drama viewers do that (it depends on the timeslot and competition).

    Seven has a lot more dramas, especially late at night, but theres 42 hours of prime in a week to average that over.

  2. My initial thought was that the gap couldn’t be narrowed due to the lower overall audiences at this time of year.

    However, the consolidated ratings for Sunday the 23rd have just been put up and it looks like channel 7 made up 200K on that day alone (mainly ‘Resurrection’). Basically no-one PVR’d the cricket that night.

    Does anyone have a guide as to what fraction of a percentage approx 200K would be? I’m guessing only 0.1 or at best 0.2, so unless there is such a difference each & every night, I do think 7 will still fall just short.

  3. I can’t see Seven taking out this week after timeshift even though they are close enought unless Criminal Minds gets a massive boost because every other night was reality on Seven and people don’t tend to timeshift reality shows.

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