Patrick Brammall: “Someone f***ed up with The Moodys”

The Moodys is not returning in 2015 which Patrick Brammall attributes to bad decisions made along the way.

2014-12-04_1247Amongst the raft of returning ABC shows for 2015, The Moodys
was conspicuous by its absence.

ABC has since confirmed that the show, which originally sprang to life as A Moody Christmas, is not returning, but discussions are ongoing with producers Jungleboys on new formats.

Patrick Brammall, who starred as Sean, is currently filming upcoming paranormal drama, Glitch for Matchbox Pictures and has recently been seen in Upper Middle Bogan.

But he told TV Tonight he was disappointed The Moodys was not returning.

“Ostensibly it’s because the second season rated badly. But nothing rated well for the ABC in the first half of the year, in terms of comedies. Nothing,” he said.

Overnight ratings dropped to the low 300,000s following Spicks and Specks.

“I think it was a combination of name change, from A Moody Christmas to The Moodys, and there was a format change as well.

“So I don’t think it resonated in quite the same way as the first season.

“But it also wasn’t particularly well publicised which is a real shame because it was a good show.

“A lot of people loved it and it should have (had) a life.

“I think someone f***ed up.

“Some bad decisions were made along the way which meant it didn’t find its audience, because the audience is there.

“But never say never. ABC might come back and say ‘We’ve got the time and budget now.’ Also the creators Trent (O’Donnell) and Phil (Lloyd) are in LA.”

Jungleboys also has a format deal to develop A Moody Christmas for the US.

“I don’t know where that’s at to be honest. Trent was offered a gig on New Girl, freelance directing and then they offered him freelance producer-director. So I don’t know if they’re in a position be doing it in the short term,” said Brammall.

“It was a good show and it did deserve to go on.”

After finishing work on Glitch, Brammall expects to head to the US for Pilot season.

“Fishing in LA!”

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  1. Loved the original, loved the follow up – they couldn’t realistically have done another season just based around Christmasses, so creatively they made the right move.

    Think both aired here in the UK as something like “A Moody Family”.

  2. Wow.. I’ve heard the ABC being called biased on a lot of things but a ‘gay bias’.. now come on..

    Loved the Moodys but the story kind of ran it’s course. After the shift from Christmas to everyday, I think it really lost something..

  3. @reuben – how on earth is Please Like Me ‘heterophobic’?!!! Name one single scene on the show that demonstrates negativity towards heterosexual people. There is one, only one, main character who is gay, the rest are straight – at it’s heart the show is about relationships, be that family, friends or partners. The major story lines this season have been about a heterosexual couple having a child and a son coping with his mother’s illness. It’s sad that you feel alienated by programming that includes gay people – people who are subjected to real alienation and are still not represented nearly enough in TV/film.

  4. I thought A Moody Christmas was quite charming, but The Moodys certainly lacked the charm of the original. The focus on the dodgy Uncles from both sides didn’t help, as well as not getting the original home.

  5. It took me weeks to take his portrayal of Leo in offspring seriously because the character he played in a Moody Christmas just stuck in my mind. The Moodys wasn’t as watchable as A Moody Christmas and gave up on it pretty quickly. With A Moody Christmas I think it helped that there wasn’t much viewing options that time of year for someone who doesn’t generally watch that style of show to keep watching it.

  6. I think The Moodys was just as good as, if not better than, A Moody Christmas. I think it may have been the strongest comedy on the ABC this year in terms of quality but yeah I don’t know anybody who watched it.

  7. I loved the Moody’s – best ABC comedy in years. Had enough of all the other hetero=phobic shows like that awful “Please Like me’. I feel alienated by the gay bias in ABC programming, Moody’s was a great aussie family show.

  8. While his honesty is refreshing, his reasoning for the cancellation is delusional. It rated because it was sh*t, always has been. And don’t get me started on that Bogan disaster.

    When will this country produce a comedy that is not desperate, unsure of itself and a farcical caricature of society’s extremes?? Grow up!

  9. I think it had a lot to do with the producers cost cutting. They couldn’t afford the original house cause the owners jacked the price up and they filmed a lot of it outdoors and the locations indoors they had were so bare (no production designer?)

    otherwise the cast and characters were great.

  10. Loved A Moody Christmas but the second series started to wear a bit. Totally agree with effdee – Brammell’s character was annoyingly irritating and appeared in far too many scenes.

  11. Great show, even better second season I thought. And good on Brammall for caring. But it doesn’t change the inescapable fact the ratings sucked big time. It couldn’t come back.

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