Airdate: Black Tuesday: Rising from the Ashes

2015-01-08_1612Coinciding with a week of bushfires devastating the Adelaide Hills, Nine News will reflects on the 10th anniversary of the Port Lincoln bushfires in a special, Black Tuesday: Rising from the Ashes.

Hosted live from Port Lincoln by Brenton Ragless, the Nine News special will revisit that fateful day and discover how a devastated community rose from the ashes.

On Tuesday, January 11, 2005, nine lives were lost and almost 100 homes destroyed when a ferocious bushfire tore through the Eyre Peninsula. Ten years on, the region is thriving. Vegetation has regrown and tourism and industry is booming. But look closely and the scars of Black Tuesday remain.

Nine News speaks to Natalie Borlase who lost her mother and two children in the fires. Natalie opens up about her heartache and how the human spirit can overcome the hugest of challenges.

We hear the story of Lorna Harding, who at 81 watched from the sea as her home was engulfed in flames. Lorna recounts how she picked herself up and got on with life.

Agriculture Minister Leon Bignell recalls the recovery effort and the extraordinary response from those who lost everything. He talks to Nine News about the stories he encountered and the heroic actions of a community determined not to be torn apart.

Nine News will examine the lessons learnt from the 2005 tragedy and assess the changes in emergency response efforts made after Black Tuesday that prevented the loss of life this week in the catastrophic Adelaide Hills fire.

5:30pm Sunday on Nine Adelaide.


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