Axed: Covert Affairs

US spy drama now looks set to end after 5 seasons without wrapping up its storylines.

2015-01-07_1326The first axing of 2015 is in, with the USA Network cancelling spy series Covert Affairs after 5 seasons.

The move comes despite hopes for a sixth season, including an unresolved storyline for its lead character Annie Walker (Piper Perabo).

The reason is attributed to rising costs in talent fees and grander locations, falling Overnight numbers, and USA finding it hard to monetise low demo numbers.

Deadline notes USA is also going through a slate changeover, parting with veterans White Collar and Covert Affairs and gearing up to launch a slew of new dramas: Dig, Complications and Mr. Robot, with four more drama pilots — Colony, Queen Of The South, Evil Men and Stanistan — awaiting word on a series pickup.

Suits, Royal Pains and Graceland have all been previously renewed.

Covert Affairs screens in Australia on Seven.

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  1. Yep it was an excellent plot based drama but some bright spark decided to make a romantic link between Auggie and Annie. If you want to kill a good telly show make it lovee dovee kissy kissy bonky bonky, it works every time.

  2. Ahhhh man I tuned out of this show after the horrendous 4th season where they introduced Peter Gallagher’s CIA Director character having an adult son, and then they killed him off for no reason. That and Gregory Itzin playing the evil dude that would never die made me drop the show

    Never saw season 5 and probably never will. Season 1-3 were good. Sucks for fans that they will never see resolution to the storylines

  3. Rats! One of my guilty pleasures gone….
    Must have watched it elsewhere though, certainly haven’t been near Seven for years!
    I’d guess they show it at midnight on alternate Pancake Tuesdays. In random order of course.

  4. It’s rating less than 2m (down from 5m in S1), it’s 18-49 numbers have collapsed and since its on at 10pm midweek it gets timeshifted quite a bit. They just couldn’t make it work economically anymore.

    They have always shot most of it cheaply in Canada and used a few location shots to give it an international feel.

    The reason costs go up is that because after 5 seasons US guild contracts need to be renegotiated. Some actors don’t want to continue and need to be replaced, those who do stay want more money.

    They wrap up each arc at the end of the season so hopefully it’s only a minor cliff hanger setting up stuff for the hoped for next season, like Annie and Auggie getting together at the end of S3.

  5. The later seasons havent been as good as the earlier ones, and its probably the right call, but I hate when a series (good or bad) leaves storylines unresolved. At least pump out a concluding episode!

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