Stephen Amell to star in Suits spin-off

Arrow and Heels star will play a former federal prosecutor who moves to Los Angeles to build his own powerful law firm.

Arrow star Stephen Amell will star in Suits: L.A.

He will feature as Ted Black, a former New York federal prosecutor who moved to Los Angeles to build his own powerful law firm with old friend Stuart Lane.

The role of Stuart Lane has yet to be cast, but Amell’s character has been described as a charismatic manipulator willing to put his needs ahead of anyone in his way.

Amell played superhero Oliver Queen / The Green Arrow for eight seasons of Arrow and more recently starred as a fledging professional wrestler in Heels.

“I know a thing or two about building a universe,” he wrote about his Suits casting on social media.

The official synopsis for Suits: L.A. is: “His firm is at a crisis point, and, in order to survive, he must embrace a role he held in contempt his entire career.

“Ted is surrounded by a stellar group of characters who test their loyalties to both Ted and each other while they can’t help but mix their personal and professional lives. All of this is going on while events from years ago slowly unravel that led Ted to leave behind everything and everyone he loved.”

Suits creator Aaron Korsh is writing the pilot to begin filming in Vancouver, Canada in a few weeks.

There’s no telling yet which former Suits stars, if any, will return for the spin-off but several did reunite to film a Super Bowl commercial.

Amell recently drew headlines after comments that he did not support striking by actors.

Source: Digital Spy

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    1. Where does it say that he has to have the chops Gabriel Macht? He might be a totally different character. Don’t write him or the show off before it’s even been made.

      1. If one is trying to cash in on the phenomenal success of Suits on streaming this year one will be very disappointed with the reception if the lead isn’t an arrogant alpha male.

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