Bumped: Labyrinth

2015-01-12_1558You know that no show is immune from pesky programmers when ABC is moving the second and concluding part of a drama in the middle of summer.

The rather-ordinary Labyrinth has been pulled from its Thursday night screening and will now screen on Sunday Jan 25 at 10.15pm.

It will be replaced by a repeat of Jack Irish: Dead Point at 8.30pm.


  1. AnnaDominguezSmith

    I went looking for it tonight on iView, when I realised I forgot to watch it. Naughty Our ABC. Thank goodness, too. I didn’t miss out on it.

  2. So annoyed I have registered just so I can comment. Definately would have expected more from ABC. Can’t even rely on TV guides these day to plan ahead. For the record this did have a following!

  3. I do not watch this show but do get the abc switched on emails and they sent through a correction to yesterdays email detailing timeslot change for this show.

  4. Bumping something a fortnight in the middle of long weekend seems odd and pointless. Too lazy to even move something at 1am.

    The ABC dropped their Sunday evenning Doctor Who rpt after 1 week and then the Nowhere Boys repeat over Christmas, when they failed to boost their younger demographics.

    I guess people watched Pillars Of The Earth and World Without End and it was available cheap. But there are limits to what people will watch these days, even when there is nothing on.

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