Returning: Jack Irish

Acclaimed local drama hero returns to ABC in early July.

Acclaimed local drama hero Jack Irish returns to ABC in early July.

Guy Pearce reprises his title role, joined by Marta Dusseldorp, Roy Billing, Aaron Pedersen, Shane Jacobson, Kate Atkinson, Damien Richardson, Damien Garvey, Terry Norris and John Flaus. Jacek Koman also returns.

This season includes Danielle Cormack, Tiarnie Coupland, Leah Vandenberg and Tom Gleeson.

Emmy Award-winner Guy Pearce reprises his iconic role as Jack Irish, former criminal lawyer, and part-time debt collector, with a penchant for getting wrapped up in things he shouldn’t.

The bluebird of happiness has stopped warbling and Jack’s life has hit a new low. His body broken from too many beatings, Linda has left him, the racing world is in turmoil, his local – the Prince of Prussia – may never be the same again and Jack has returned to the law in the form of mundane conveyancing. That is, until he learns of foreign students at a disreputable private college dying in bizarre circumstances.

After Eddie (George Zhao), a Chinese courier who was supposed to deliver a package for Jack three years ago, shows up dead, Jack can’t help but get involved. Following the trail of Eddie’s last movements, Jack discovers Eddie’s friend, an Indian student named Lakshmi (Rubi Balasingam), committed suicide shortly before Eddie disappeared. They studied together at a private college where the facilities and level of education leave much to be desired.

Digging deeper, Jack encounters the psychiatrist Lakshmi saw before her tragic death, Dr Rory Finch (Danielle Cormack). As they both work to discover the truth behind the two deaths, a relationship brews between Jack and Rory.

Jack’s investigation unfolds an intricate web of lies leading all the way to India and back again, where he enlists Linda’s help (Marta Dusseldorp), still working overseas as a journalist and living with Orton (Jacek Koman). But every step Jack takes towards the truth threatens his world and his friends – from Harry (Roy Billing) and Cam (Aaron Pedersen) in the racing game, to cabinetmaker Charlie Taub’s granddaughter, Gus (Tiarnie Coupland), to the Prince of Prussia run by Stan (Damien Garvey) and his regular clientele, the Fitzroy Youth Club. Jack must keep his wits about him, or this quest for the truth may be his last.

8:30pm Sunday July 8 on ABC.

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