Dave Hughes joins AFL Footy Show

Hughesy signs to Nine show, a year after TEN ended Before the Game.

2015-01-04_2336Dave Hughes has signed onto the AFL Footy Show, a year after TEN ended Before the Game.

He becomes the first comedian presenter on the show since Trevor Marmalade departed in 2008.

“I’ve watched the show since it started, I love the guys on it, it’s going to be fun and a very interesting year,’’ Hughes told News Corp.

The former Project co-host is set for a busy year, also returning to a regular radio role with KIIS FM (formerly MIX FM).

Nine Melbourne head of programming and production Tim Cleary said Hughes would do both stand-up and comedy with AFL players.

“He’s the funniest man around and a great fit for the show.”

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  1. The Marngrook Footy Show & League Teams on Fox Footy are much better shows than channel 9’s AFL footy show.
    Dave Hughes will be ok for the show but they need to move on from the same jokes every week.

  2. The footy show nowadays spends too much time on the hosts making fun of each other. Hearing the same stuff gets old really fast. The introduction of hughesy needs to eliminate that. Leave the gags to actual comedians.

    The show needs to move along. It drags out these days. They spend too much time at the beginning of the show talking to current football panellists. Not all footballers are that interesting. A quick couple of comments and move on. If there is a footballer that isn’t of interest its a reason to switch off and watch something else because the segment takes way too long.

    2 hours per episode is too long. They need to shorten and tighten and refresh their segments. The footy show needs a lot of work and changes for this football loving viewer to return to watching weekly.

    Fluctuating start times for this a footy classified and taking ages to post to jump in are…

  3. Dave is overrated…”funniest guy around”….Come on you have got to be kidding me!!!

    A great fit for the footy show given how bad that show has become. Eddie was a professional keeping the boys in the sandpit under control…..and it worked well. And Trevor piped in with some great lines.

    Now the show is just little boys laughing at them selves with the same old jokes every week.

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