“Oops.” Best of 2014!


Downton Abbey‘s “Water-bottlegate” went viral around the world, in year of TV mishaps that left viewers asking “WTF?”

But the UK show turned a negative into a positive with an ironic follow-up photo posing for international charity WaterAid and banning all things contemporary from the set. Except the cameras, of course.

Here are some of the year’s other shining moments…


It wasn’t a great start to the year, according to BBC News.


How can we go past Carrie Bickmore’s Project doodle? But it’s why we love her.


ABC2’s Tom Tilley was hosting a Live to Air discussion on Dead Drunk, in King’s Cross, when a fire alarm at their hotel venue went off and ultimately ending the broadcast. “It is pretty loud. Wow. Maybe we went past the lock in?”


In January a studio blackout hit Sunrise and a back-up generator failed, sending them to battery power and ultimately the Melbourne hub switching the show to a replay. The brekkie team amused themselves with a game of darts.


Nine streams the G20 summit room in Melbourne instead of the Big Brother house. It took them 2 and a half minutes before they realised it was more interesting but they flicked the switch anyway.


It was just one keystroke, but CNN managed to ‘kill off’ a President in the process, in this story referring to the Navy SEAL who had actually killed Osama Bin Laden.


David Koch flipped the finger on Sunrise after Mark Beretta calls him “Mr. Potato Head,” following advice that men with less hair may prefer to don a hat at the Spring Racing Carnival.


A Sunrise typo nearly convicts showbiz reporter Peter Ford instead of fugitive Peter Foster on the loose in Byron Bay -which was news to him, watching in a hotel room and subsequently calling his parents.


Nearly as bad as Nine News branding James Packer as a “sex pest” due to an unfortunate matching of a news graphic.


Nine sends a News Corp journo to Thailand to cover The Embassy only to find sub-editors accidentally credit the show to a former ABC drama of the same name. Damn u IMDb!


Yahoo7!’s story about Ian Ross being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer was news to a healthy Ken Sutcliffe.


This story from Guardian Australia needs no explanation….


Not so much an “Oops” as blatant false advertising. Despite a strong launch for Madam Secretary, TEN’s promo department gets over-excited with a quote that never existed. Anywhere.


More over-excited advertising as Seven plugs “An extraordinary television first. Home and Away in the UK.” Sorry, that was 12 years ago.


Meanwhile Nine News underplays Melbourne’s punishing heat wave after 4 straight days over 40 had only been beaten by 5 days back in 1908 – a century not a decade ago.

Seven’s Mike Amor puts himself in the firing line for the sake of a good story.

Nine’s Tom Steinfort got a (very) rude reminder of the dangers of Live TV crosses when a Rabbitohs fans fan decided to drop his pants. “Soooooo, the perils of live TV…..apologies for that nudity in my live cross just then,” he later tweeted.

Nearly as scary as the spider that made a Live TV appearance during BBC News.


Nine’s Peter Overton tweeted on an upcoming story about a quick-thinking young pilot being hailed as a hero for landing a light aircraft as being “only on Nine News.” But TEN’s Sandra Sully tweeted the audio “must sound just like the one we will air on #TenNews at 5.” Hugh Riminton added, “Surely you wouldn’t tell a fib, Pete..?” Overton conceded it was an “honest mistake.”

ABC News presenter Karina Carvalho was inadvertently caught out on air getting ready for a news update. In February Weekend Sunrise presenters Andrew O’Keefe and Monique Wright could also be heard discussing their upcoming segment before it went to air.

Seven News Melbourne presenter Jacqueline Felgate also didn’t realise the camera was on as she waited for a News Update.

TEN News sports presenter Nick Butler was caught unawares when the autocue failed during a report in Adelaide. Always have a hard copy handy….


Those cuts must be really hurting at TEN News. Even the graphics guys were out to lunch.

In January Nine News Brisbane suffered a massive technical meltdown which trimmed the one-hour bulletin trimmed to just 36 minutes. “Things aren’t going quite to plan so we are going to have to take another commercial break,” Melissa Downes admitted.

Even a simple faulty cable can undermine the best of them. Just ask Jennifer Keyte.


US comedian Andrew Dice Clay asks Mornings David Campbell about guest host Georgie Gardner. “Is she like a hot number? Because that’s part of the thing about me coming to Australia. A lot of these girls that come to see me from Australia, they use that line, ‘You’ll get down under.’ They’re sexy, they’re f***in hot. I’m tellin’ you. I want to kangaroo f*** half these chicks across the country….” Interview ended abruptly…


MasterChef spoils its storylines not once but twice. First with a promo of the following night’s episode before an elimination had been revealed, then revealing another outcome too soon on Facebook. My Kitchen Rules made a similar boo-boo in February.


Just as bad was The Block scoreboard travelling down King’s Way in Melbourne on the back of a ute, with all its scores in full glory.

Warning: language

FOX Footy’s Eddie McGuire tells Port Adelaide player Kane Cornes for his post-match rub down, “You might need two rubs downs being an old c***.”

And on that note, bring on 2015….


  1. My favourites not here:

    When Fox Sports’ Julian DeStoop mistook interrupting San Antonio Spurs duo Patty Mills & Aaron Baynes for Collingwood bogans.

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