Soon on Seven…

New and returning shows- but which ones are up front in February?

2015-01-11_1632Seven has been plugging away at promos for its “After the Tennis” programming.

My Kitchen Rules, Home and Away and Million Dollar Minute are all locked in for February 2nd, the week preceding ratings (Feb 8).

Here’s what else we can expect soon:

Grey’s Anatomy,
Downton Abbey,
How to Get Away with Murder,
State of Affairs

Pawn Stars,
Family Guy,
Doomsday Preppers

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  1. Really looking forward to How to Get Away With Murder. I’ve heard great things about this show. The Blacklist isn’t listed here but it does return Feb 1st in the US. I hope they return it early enough. State of Affairs won’t last, probably be the first to move to the grave shift on Seven. Its not doing well in the US and i don’t think it will do that great here either.

  2. Yeah Eleven have Empire and the rest is correctly associated with Seven. I am not looking forward to most thats listed their the few acceptions are Family Guy & maybe Mistresses even though i haven’t watched it last year. I cant stand the reality crap on 7Mate they should have more sport or better shows.

  3. Eleven has been promoting Empire as coming soon.

    State of Affairs has been a real dud in the US, so hopefully Seven don’t give it a prominent timeslot. It’s nice for those of us avoiding Seven in the Summer, to see an update of all the upcoming shows.

  4. “The Blacklist” returns to US screens on February 1, immediately following The Superbowl before moving to its new Thursday night timeslot.

    @MuchoTB, Empire is produced by Brian Grazer and Imagine Entertainment for FOX television. I think it’s safe to assume that Channel 10 will have the bragging rights to this one unless they decide to on-sell it.

  5. Blacklist doesn’t come back til March in America

    This season of Revenge has been rather good although started off slow. How to get away with murder is also excellent

    Who has the rights to the Fox show Empire starring Taraji Henson (Joss Carter from Person of Interest)? That show premiered huge in the US last week

  6. Due to 7s obsession with mkr and anything reality whichever dramas they do choose to premier won’t probably air until 9.43pm or some ridiculous time like that.

    Not even bothered with home and away’s return. They overdid home and away late last year with 6 eps aweek and what’s coming up is another Braxton centric storyline. You’d think the Braxton centric storylines would’ve reduced with there only being two of them now. This might be the year to give up home and away depending on the storylines.

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