TEN apologises for Family Feud cyclist question

2015-01-14_2026TEN has apologised after a question on Family Feud sparked a social media reaction this week.

The question “What is something annoying that a cyclist might do?” drew return fire from angry cyclists.

Australian Cycle Alliance president Edward Hore told Fairfax, “Seriously, the hatred against cyclists has to stop. We are all someone’s mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter.

“We all have family and everyone knows a cyclist.

“We all know that as soon as you bring cyclists into the conversation you’re going to get ratings, which is really sad.”

“Network TEN apologises if the response to a question in Family Feud last night caused any offence,” a TEN spokesperson said. “The results are determined by a survey of 100 Australians and we understand they are not necessarily reflective of all Australians.”

TEN’s game show has previously drawn reactions for a question that delivered suggested a typical woman’s job included dishwashing and cleaning.


  1. There’s nothing like a cycling story to bring out the bogan in people! By the way, they omitted the answer that annoys the haters the most, that cyclists often “Get there before you do”!

  2. I love being a cyclist:

    I get abused for riding too fast on bike paths

    I get abused for riding too slow on the road

    And the nail in the coffin, the damn magpies really, really hate you, no matter where you ride.

  3. Have they had the question “What is something annoying that a motorist might do?”.

    What about “What is something annoying about a TV show like Family Feud?”
    a) It feeds social prejudices
    b) it promotes sexist attitudes
    c) it exists

  4. DavidHasselhoff – don’t discount the potential of pensioners! My husband once had a pensioner run over his foot at a Coles with his mobility scooter to keep him trapped because he didn’t understand the “self-serve checkouts” and started yelling “shoplifter!!”. And one of my worst road rage incidents was from a pensioner who after cutting me off then calling me every an,e under the sun, called me a very unpleasant name that I’d never use myself, then yelled “I’ll be late to church now!!”.

    Never underestimate the elderly… They’ve managed to survive in one way or another!

  5. I find it amusing that ‘all’ Cyclists obey the road rules. My dash cam tells a much different story.

    Must be unicorns or some other mythical creatre on those bikes.

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