Airdate: Mammon


Next Tuesday SBS premieres Mammon, a new six-part Norwegian thriller about a large criminal conspiracy reaching to the highest level of politics.

In this story, ‘not all journalists are good, and the hunt for truth far more personal.’

Peter Veras is an uncompromising journalist working for Norway’s most respected newspaper. While pursuing the story of a scandal in the financial world, he gets hold of crushing evidence against his own brother from an anonymous source. He makes the biggest mistake in his life when he has the story published. Peter cannot prevent his brother from committing suicide, shattering the lives of Peter’s sister-in-law Eva and 16-year-old nephew Andreas. In a feverish attempt to track down the anonymous source, Peter is finally successful, but the discovery is devastating: the source was his own brother.

Tuesday, 17th February at 10.30pm


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    Yeah, not happy about the overlap with Cordon. You’d imagine that there would be quite an overlap with each program’s audiences too. Will have to catch this later if I can fit it in.

    In fact, I’m not happy with the direction SBS seems to have been taking with regard to the scheduling of its dramas lately. Unceremoniously bumping Salamander, double eps of first-run drama, and now cannibalising their own niche audiences.

    Their only two channels should be in synergy not competition. I asked this before but have they recently hired someone from Seven or Nine?

  2. So what happens to the last double episode Rectify repeats they just announced? Which I was intending to record because The Mentalist and The Good Wife are all on late Wednesday night. And this also overlaps with the double Cordon eps on SBS2, which I will now have to record on Thursday.

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