SBS On Demand: Mammon S2

Season 2 of Norwegian political thriller Mammon will be available SBS On Demand this week.

All 8 episodes will be available from Thursday. A third season has also been approved.

This screened in Europe in January 2016.

Mammon is a human, suspenseful thriller-drama about politics, the media, and how power affects both the ambitious and the innocent.

A falling-out between well-known pundit and journalist Torgrim Hammern and political editor Frank Mathiesen (Nils Ole Oftebro) fouls the atmosphere at the newsdesk of Norway’s biggest newspaper. Later, Hammern is murdered in the underground carpark of the newspaper building. Was the killing part of an organised campaign to permanently silence certain journalists?

The murder fuels the flames of an already volatile conflict between the country’s prime minister and his minister of finance.

Thursday, 23 November at SBS On Demand.

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  1. Mammon S2 aired on SBS and On Demand last year. S2 is a new story with very little continuity with S1. It does of course have another crazy convoluted political plot with an even crazier killer. They had rebought S1 for On Demand, and now that it’s about to expire, have bought S2 for another year.

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