Bumper MKR gives Winter strong start

MKR is thumping the competition and we're not even in ratings season yet.

2015-02-05_1009Ratings don’t officially begin until Sunday but Seven would be buoyed by the numbers they are getting for My Kitchen Rules.

After launching with 1.6m viewers on Monday last night it lifted to 1.7m viewers, thumping The Block (683,000) and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! (588,000). TEN’s series has fallen from its strong launch of 1.2m viewers on Sunday to half its audience. The Block appears to be suffering from taking too long to get to its final cast on The Block itself (there is another full week before that happens).

MKR also did the job in giving Winter a strong start, launching to 1.13m viewers -the second-highest show for the night. While not strictly head to head it trounced Nine’s movie The Blind Side (481,000) and the return of Wonderland (445,000) on TEN.

Full ratings wraps resume next week.

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  1. Fantastic night for MKR and Winter. Both shows were awesome last night. It was good to see Robert and Lynzey do so well. They are easily my favourite team in group 1. It was so good to see Rebecca Gibney back too. I love a good whodunit.

    There is definitely Block fatigue and Nine is the only one to blame. Viewers are over the format. I don’t think its renovation fatigue either. I think its just the fact Nine continue to push it out for the majority of the year. I’m interested to see how House Rules goes later in the year. With what’s happened with The Block, Seven might reconsider a second season this year.

  2. @TasTVCameraman,

    For me, Tuesday nights hot up next week with 2 of the most anticpated shows of the year: ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ on 7 and The Affair’ on Showcase both beginning on the 10th.

  3. So was Celebrity not on time last night?
    The good wife started about 15 mins later then what it was supposed to.
    I haven’t watched Celebrity yet or Wonderland.
    Luckily I had recorded an extra hour.

  4. I initially didnt think much of I’m a Celebrity, but it is getting better with time and the format is becoming more familiar with me. Last nights ep really delivered with cracks emerging among the cast and Laura not participating in the challenge. But I agree the episodes need to be tighter with less padding.

  5. Really enjoying I’m a Celeb.
    A refreshing change from The Block which I haven’t even bothered to watch this year.
    Yes, it’s not perfect and agree with others here that the contestants should be doing something in between tasks – not enough is happening each ep.

    But I’m loving the mix of people overall.
    Chrissy is a real trouper and always good value, Joel’s slightly bitchy comments are highly entertaining,big bad Baz is actually a pussycat at heart and Merv, the ogre, is also good value when he’s not snoozing.
    My two faves are definitely Andrew -what a sweet, thoughtful. kind man and Maureen – b*tshit crazy but in a good way.
    Chris and Julia are great hosts as well.
    Really hope it doesn’t crash and burn in the ratings as time passes.

  6. The wife and I have looked forward to MKR starting up again, especially after such a barren tv landscape. It’s easy to watch and yes, we know we’re being taken for a ride with the posh couple v everyone else edits and we still hope for stuff ups but it’s lazy tv and easy to watch. We watched the first ep of Celebrity and thought it wasn’t too bad. Liked the laughter from the off screen crew to the comperes jokes and some of the celebs are interesting but when were never going to ditch MKR. I missread the Block’s title thinking it said Block’s Triple Treat (instead of Threat), thinking it was three eps in a row like they seem to do with BBT so didn’t even try their product.

  7. Reuben, why is MKR base TV for a ‘ western suburb’s ‘ audience. Dont tell anyone, but I happen to live in the northern suburbs and really enjoy it, I dont consider it ‘base tv ‘. I thinks it’s well produced Television with good casting. Everyone likes different things. What type of viewer do you class yourself as?

  8. Really need to get Celebrity on time, normally Ten are pretty good with their timing.
    Tell me why are all the good shows on Wed nights, it really annoys me that Tuesday nights there is really nothing then on Wed you have White Collar, you having Winter, You have Wonderland, You have Good Wife, Thank goodness I have a PVR to record White Collar and Winter, Like Wonderland, shame that Seven throw their top shows around , we need Aust made series, and not any more of MKR and the Block please. MKR just is irritating hopefully others will turn off and turn onto something like Big Brother but it now in the bush. called I am a celeb…..

  9. I enjoy MKR but so for different reasons I have not watched an episode yet. I have recorded them though. I watched wonderland last night and the good wife and i enjoyed both. Especially the good wife.

  10. I normally like the Block but something has changed, more shows, new producers and editors have taken the hand-crafted clever storytelling away and made it ‘just like every other crap reality show’. I think the casting is too young, white and aspirational – where are the older more interesting characters like Mark & Duncan? or the Gay couple? Essentially the producers become frightened by the imposter show House Rules and instead of leading they are now trying to follow. Pare it back to good characters and good simple story telling, bigger is not better. MKR is just like eating at McDonalds, its base TV for a western suburbs audience. I’m a celeb is dreadful but its an alternative and I’m guessing families with kids love nothing better than watching people fall over and being dared to eat live critters, who knows, it might just stick.

  11. Really enjoying I’m a Celeb also, but the episodes need to be tighter. The overrun threw their entire schedule out by nearly 20 minutes last night with The Good Wife not starting until 9:48pm. Wonderland started again with similar numbers as last year, seems it has a loyal audience but no growth so to speak.

  12. Im a Celebrity is now rating below The Project and News and 8K above Family Fued. On it’s current trajectory it will be at 350K by Friday.

    This show is an absolute Turd and Symbolic of most of Ten’s schedule. Prepare for 5 nights of Modern Family by Mid Feb.

  13. MKR is actually enjoyable to watch, the people this year seem mostly genuine and I think what’s key is there is no annoying host distracting from the proceedings. There is a formulae that works and there is always some tension and true curiosity of how the night will unfold. Just seems more refreshing than the dusty and rundown block.

  14. I saw MKR’s promo for sunday just before winter and I thought haven’t I seen this already. Same old stuff. At least I’m a celeb is different. I didn’t mind winter will be watching again next week.

  15. @the hoff…. Shame you cant spell. It’s “nine”.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Channel 7 could show a test pattern or a blank screen (which they have) and it would rate for some reason.

    I have absolutely no interest in cooking shows. Loving I’m a celebrity…. Something fresh and different. Just wish they would show it for an hour or half hour tho.

  16. Without a strong lead in 10 will never get a big audience for its reality shows. For me it is obvious cut the Project to 30 mins. get Neighbours back on the primary channel at 7 pm and then I’m a Celebrity etc. Celebrity should be doing better numbers as both. MKR and Block are now pretty tired and predictable formats.

  17. I think The Block will pick up after the elimination rounds but they are dragging them on way to long. Really there is no need for them. As for IACGMOOH I am so dissapointed its slipped to half its original audience is such a great show really enjoying it.

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