MKR tops Hancock telemovie, but both win timeslots.

2015-02-16_0941Even with all the added publicity due to legal argument, House of Hancock was unable to knock My Kitchen Rules from #1, but both drew big audiences last night and won their respective timeslots last night.

MKR finished with 1.51m, down from 1.69m last week, with House of Hancock on 1.38m -exactly the same as its Overnight number a week ago. But it may well have landed lower without the tug of war by parties this week.

TEN again simulcast I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here, this time on three channels and coded it into two programme titles, plus Family Feud.

Seven network won the night with a 32.1% then Nine 31.5%, ABC 15.7%, TEN 15.5% and SBS 5.3%.

Following MKR for Seven were a one hour Seven News (1.28m), Australia: The Story of Us (876,000) and Air Crash Investigations (471,000).

In addition to their telemovie, Nine’s other titles were Nine News (1.14m), 60 Minutes (1.02m) and first room reveals by The Block (982,000).

ABC News was 888,000 for ABC then the return of Broadchurch (726,000), David Attenborough’s Conquest of the Skies (662,000) and Fortitude (507,000). Jillaroo School was 258,000.

Shark Tank lifted on its performance last week for TEN at 688,000 viewers. TEN Eyewitness News was 487,000 and NCIS: New Orleans was 376,000 / 242,000.

Angkor Wat’s Hidden Megacity (247,000) was best for SBS then Erebus: Air Crash Antarctica (226,000) and SBS World News (200,000). Mad Men was 73,000.

ABC2′ Peppa Pig is back to prover her multichannel power at 280,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 15 February 2015


  1. Story of us was pretty good on ch7,

    Recorded House of Hancock and edited out the ads, want to guess how much of the 90min air time was adverts?… 30min, thats right the actual program ran for just over 1 hour. I do wonder how much was edited out. FYI part 1 last week ran for just under 75min with the ads removed.

  2. Maybe I’m of the minority, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching Australia The Story of Us and am looking forward to next week. Channel Seven has me for next week with Downton back as well!

  3. I read a review of Empire and I fail to see why TEN thought it was a good idea to a) delay it and b) waste it at 10pm! Swap them like others are suggesting here. Plus their simulcasting cost them 3rd place. On another note, I am also loving Shark Tank.

    • If Empire is MA because of violence then Ten can’t show it before 9:30pm. We’ll see if it actually makes it to air.

      Ten don’t care that much about viewers on Eleven or One getting them third. They care about I’m A… failing and leaving them with nothing at 7:30pm and having to give makeup to its advertisers.

    • Ive watched the first 6 episodes and can confirm that it is epic. The casting is pretty incredible and the story lines are intense. It got renewed for a second season, only three episodes in. Only channel 10 would delay a show like that and then give it a 10pm timeslot.

  4. MuchoTB – I would say it’s a fail and not surprisingly so! Especially at prime time and with the heavy promotion it got.
    I was bored and gave up after about 20 minutes.

  5. Also, are those ratings for Australia the story of us any good? I would say it is a fail based on the wall to wall promotion Seven had for it since December

  6. I understand that networks code programs into various titles to maximise ratings numbers. Having said that, I am not sure that Fox Sports will be happy with their coding of the ICC World Cup yesterday as the ratings show that the Innings Break was watched by more people than the actual game??

  7. There has been so much noise on this site about the pulling of regular programming on One (and now Eleven) to cater for simulcats of IACGMOH. Let’s hope Ten come to their senses as both secondary channels recorded 1.5% on One and 1.4% on Eleven for this ‘bold’ programming move which has failed dismally. Regular programming on the multichannels would have pushed Ten to third overall for the night, rather than fourth. NCIS:NO needs to move to 10.00pm and have Empire premiere at 9.00pm on the back of strong demos for the younger viewers for Shark Tank.

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