Report: Netflix, TEN discuss joint deal.

2015-02-09_0243A report today claims Netflix approached TEN late last year to partner for the Australian market.

If the partnership proceeded it would put TEN in the streaming space alongside Nine / Fairfax service Stan and Seven / Foxtel’s Presto TV.

The Australian reports Netflix and TEN discussed jointly funding new programs and marketing initiatives, but Foxtel also approached TEN about joining Presto.

TEN declined to comment on the speculation.

Meanwhile Fairfax reports Discovery and Foxtel are exploring a new structure for the deal with TEN’s independent directors, after TEN’s largest shareholder, Bruce Gordon, said he would not accept the offer.

This would require only 51 per cent of voting shareholders to approve in order for them to get control of TEN’s key assets.

To be successful such a proposal would require the co-operation of TEN’s board of directors.

You can read more on that proposal here.


  1. TEN would be stupid to not partner with the largest streaming service internationally, sure it wont have all the same content but the shows Netflix produce would suit TEN demos.

  2. @DansDans, did Optus stop selling TV? Foxtel/Presto currently has a huge proportion of the Australia paid-for direct-to-home video market, with Apple the other big player. One could say that Foxtel will win because of it’s excellent current position. Foxtel has even better brand recognition than Netflix. YouTube probably outdoes them both.

    People will at no point be paying $10/month to legally watch all the content that Presto, Stan and Netflix collectively have.

    Any competent organisation that commissions it’s own content can sell that content through some outlet or another. Stan is a higher picture quality 9jumpin.

  3. I often read on TV Tonight that many posts have already seen the upcoming shows. We don’t have Fox and not sure if we are going to sign up to any of these services. Would be interested to know how many are considering signing up and to which service.

    • As per usual in Australia, we have too many services and not enough content on them (and people to subscribe). In a year there will be ONE major streaming player (It will come down to Netflix – with brand recognition – and Presto – with Foxtel pushing and pushing them) who will ultimately swallow the other two up and gain control of the market. If I was a betting man I would bet it all on Netflix as the ultimate winner. Stan doesnt have a snowballs chance

      • I too wonder if Australia has the population to support all these streaming services. It wouldn’t surprise me if Netflix survives the cull because of its worldwide presence.

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