Returning: Person of Interest

Nine is bringing back Person of Interest next Monday night.

2015-02-18_1951Nine is bringing back Person of Interest next Monday night following Gallipoli.

It picks up from Season 4 Episode 10 “The Cold War” at 10pm Monday.

This episode aired in the US in December.

Samaritan demonstrates its true power by taking control of New York for 48 hours and erasing crime from the city in an attempt to lure The Machine out of hiding.

Repeats of In Their Footsteps are now out.

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  1. At last the real plot based drama continues, no relationship soapy stuff, except the violent adventures of Root and Zoe, I shall forthwith, until POI finishes its 22 episode run, lift my absolute hatred of channel 9, in the meantime, well done ch9 😀

  2. Way too late. If I’d known when it was returning, could trust it to start on time, and was confident that it would be on at the same time & day each week, I would’ve considered waiting a few weeks.

    1. Nine start a programme on time… never… they never use those clock thingies
      Keeping an audience loyal… they can’t keep programmes like P.O.I. in a standard scheduled time slot. I gave up on Nine (via NBN TV) during the first season. Invested in VPN setup and stream eps live and when DVD released by Amazon in the USA, I purchase them. Season 4 hasn’t been released on DVD yet but I hope Stan. Picks up the rights since Nine couldn’t give a stuff. By the way, another repeat from Season 3 on Monday 2nd March… Lazy b’s couldn’t even schedule Episode 11 from season 4. No wonder Nine is the worst commercial Free to air network in Australia. They couldn’t give a rat’s about their viewers or their advertisers.

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