Airdate: The Odd Couple, Melb. Comedy Festival Gala. Returning: Modern Family

TOC_S1_Matthew Perry (Oscar Madison) Thomas Lennon (Felix Unger)

Modern Family is back with two new episodes from 6:30pm Sunday March 22nd.

“Strangers In The Night / Hayley’s 21st Birthday”
Alex tells her folks she has a boyfriend, but Phil and Claire suspe she made it up. Meanwhile, Lily is on a mission to find out wher babies come from.

Both Shark Tank and Empire begin half an hour earlier, 7:30pm and 8:30pm respectively, while the 9:30pm slot is TBA.

The remake of The Odd Couple starring Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon will debut on TEN on Monday, March 23, at 7.30pm.

It begins with a double episode, followed by the 2015 Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala at 8:30pm.

Based on Neil Simon’s iconic play, movie and television series, The Odd Couple revolves around Oscar Madison (Matthew Perry) and Felix Unger (Thomas Lennon), two former college buddies who become unlikely flatmates.

Oscar asks newly-separated Felix to move in and it does not take long for the friends to realise their lifestyles, attitude to life and standards of cleanliness are worlds apart. Despite how exasperated Felix is with Oscar – and vice versa – these mismatched friends eventually realise they can help and learn from each other.


  1. I like the new version, didn’t really see the original apart from the occasion re-run as it was before my time.

    I do have a spoiler as to who will be playing Oscar’s ex later in the season… do a Google search.

    As for Modern Family, why is TEN taking so long to bring the show back after fast tracking it periodically in the past? FYI those 2 eps aired in early Dec so will be the best park of 4 months old by the time TEN airs them.

  2. Odd. You would think initially launching Odd Couple out of Modern Family would give it its best chance for success instead of expecting it to self-start.

  3. I’ve been hanging out for Matthew Perry to take a role that was as good as Chandler (big call, I know) so I’ll give this a shot with hope.

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