The Masked Singer: update

10 talent show will soon be back to two episodes a week.

There’s some good news for Masked Singer fans frustrated that the show is screening once a week, instead of its usual twice weekly.

After next week it will return to two episodes.

This will replace the Tuesday timeslot of Shark Tank which concludes next week.

Monday 16 October
7:30pm The Masked Singer

Monday 23 October
7:30pm The Masked Singer

Tuesday 24 October
7:30pm The Masked Singer

3 Responses

  1. What an utter snooze fest the last few episodes have been, and the sooner they unmask the painfully predictable Darren Hayes the better (though they’ll probably have him “win” this season).

  2. For what its worth I quite enjoy the once a week format, sometimes two or three nights a week of a show can burn you out on the concept. Mind you I would have thought that the season is already mostly over, arn’t there only about 6 of them left and they have three in the final, so there would only be one or maybe two weeks with double episodes anyway.

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