Shark Tank: Sept 12

It's a product that grabbed the attention of a Kardashian, and a crucial idea before bushfire season.

This week on Shark Tank is a product that grabbed the attention of a Kardashian.

Plus a crucial idea before bushfire season.

Kicking things off tonight, is the Contour Cube the world’s first ice facial tool. It exploded on TikTok during its launch in 2021 and the world took notice. Jacob Strickling is a budding scientist and he has given his science labs a tiny makeover.

Then, from a mad scientist to tongue tingling Thai food, Queensland restaurateurs Chris and Pum present their range of Thai cooking sauces to the Sharks.

Last to hit the Tank are cousins Frank and Frank from rural New South Wales. Having grown up in the bush and seen their fair share of the devastation left by bush fires, the pair have made it their mission to save Aussie homes from these devastating disasters. It piques the interest of Catriona Wallace and Robert Herjavec, who have both experienced the fear and damage of deadly bushfires in Australia and the United States. Will the pair join the Franks in their mission and invest in the Fire Halo?

7:30pm Tuesday on 10.

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