Don Hany tackles sci-fi


Actor Don Hany has played many roles in his career, but miniseries Childhood’s End, filmed in Melbourne is a bit of a first.

“I’ve never worked on a sci-fi, but it was really interesting,” he recently told TV Tonight.

“It’s an Arthur C. Clarke book and it’s essentially the idea of what would happen if the aliens came with peacemaking, taking away all the wars and famine. So it’s a Utopia where they refuse to reveal themselves to us and we can’t deal with it.”

The miniseries for the Syfy channel also features Ashley Zukerman, Julian McMahon and Charles Dance.

Hany most recently appeared in the Showcase miniseries, Devil’s Playground, which is nominated for a Logie Award.

“There was a real passion about the story in the production office and it carried across to the story. People were writing from a very visceral place. So it was a luxury to be a part of, as an actor. That’s the way it should always be, but it’s not. And it’s not always indicative of a show’s success.”

He is currently playing a heart surgeon in Vancouver on the telemovie Heart Matters, featuring Melissa George and Dave Annable.

Having already played a in Offspring, he should be ably prepared for medical scenes, although Hany looks back on his role as a paediatrician with a cheeky grin.

“He just never understood his wife’s post-natal depression, so it was just a bad look for a paediatrician,” he concedes.

“I just needed a strong, dramatic reason to take my shirt off!”

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