Rove to host US cable game show


Rove McManus has his next US television job hosting Lie Detectors for cable network GSN (Game Show Network).

In what sounds like a variation of To Tell the Truth, the comedy panel show sees members of the studio audience hear three comedians present outrageous facts, but only one of them is telling the truth. The audience member who guesses the most correct answers earns a chance to play in a final round for a cash prize.

It will be based in New York.

GSN is a multimedia entertainment company airing classic and new formats, and operates social media gaming and mobile apps, and is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment and DIRECTV.

McManus previously hosted Riot, the US adaptation of Slide Show and appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.



  1. I pulled out my “Rove ’99” dvd last week and watched the whole first disc in one sitting. Took me back to my high school day! He was great then, refreshing and funny when he was with Pete, Corinne and Dave. Now, I. Just. Can’t…. He was good on Riot but the show itself sucked. The Project, that’s where he lost me! Best of luck though..

  2. Rove, time to give up on the US dream mate. I hasn’t happened for you how you’d like. Should have gone to the UK market instead where the comedy is much more aligned with Australia. You could have been what Adam Hill’s now is to UK chat shows however Rove, you will only be half as funny.

  3. Good luck Rove, I think you’re suited over there and the timing couldn’t be better. You’ve been breaking your proverbial to get your head on US TV for a long long stint, for so many years. I can only wish you the very best and that it happens for you with a panel-game show.

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