60 Minutes: April 19

This Sunday, more behind a manslaughter case, private schools and the extra-talented Sam Smith.


This Sunday on 60 Minutes, more behind a manslaughter case, private schools and the extra-talented Sam Smith.

But could we please get back to a decent starting time for the show? 8:30 just does not grab me.

Jessica Silva
On Mother’s Day 2012, 23-year-old Jessica Silva stabbed and killed her partner, the father of her young son. Last month she walked free from court, despite being convicted of manslaughter. Now for the first time Jessica tells her tragic tale of survival. She was the victim of domestic abuse, suffering years of verbal and physical attacks by her partner, James Polkinghorne. On that fateful night, Jessica made a split-second decision to save herself and her family. In this 60 Minutes exclusive, Jessica opens up about her life with Polkinghorne and recounts what happened the night that ended in his death. And she makes a nerve-wracking trip to see his father to seek his forgiveness.
Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Laura Sparkes

Public v Private
It’s one of the most anxious questions facing parents – which school will give my child the best start in life? The great public-versus-private debate has raged for years. Will the local high school suffice, or do you need to pay big bucks for a private education? Independent schools might offer smart uniforms, high-tech gyms and advanced facilities, but is it worth the ever-increasing fees? A child born today will cost more than half a million dollars to put though private school. Are parents getting their money’s worth? Reporter Tara Brown speaks to families, educators and experts on both sides of the debate to uncover the truth about secondary education.
Reporter: Tara Brown

Producer: Rebecca Le Tourneau

Sam Smith
He is arguably the biggest name in music at the moment. Sam Smith cleaned up at this year’s Grammy Awards and is now a global superstar. Such is his success that it is hard to believe that just two years ago he was serving beers and cleaning toilets at a London pub. 60 Minutes travels with Sam back to where he wrote his debut hit album, Lonely Hour, and to the tiny church where he first performed for family and friends. Sam opens up to Allison Langdon about his sexuality, his battles with weight, and why he embraces melancholy. Underneath it all is a lovely young man with a warm smile and great sense of humour.

Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Steven Burling

8:30pm Sunday on Nine.

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