Australian Directors Guild Awards 2015: nominees

Rake, The Code, Love Child & Wentworth are contenders for the Australian Directors Guild Awards.


Rake, The Code, Love Child and Wentworth are all in the running for Drama Series award at the Australian Directors Guild Awards next month.

Also announced in the nominations today are Devil’s Playground, Carlotta, Jack Irish, Please Like Me, The Moodys, Nowhere Boys, Redesign My Brain and Prison Songs.

TV nominees are:

TV Drama Series:
Jessica Hobbs – Rake / S3 Ep1
Shawn Seet – The Code / S1 Ep4
Geoff Bennett – Love Child / S1 Ep5
Rowan Woods – Rake / S3 Ep5
Kevin Carlin – Wentworth / S2 Ep11

Samantha Lang – Carlotta
Jeffrey Walker – Jack Irish: Dead Point

TV Comedy:
Dario Russo – Danger 5 / S2 Ep3
Matthew Saville – Please Like Me / S2 Ep7
Trent O’Donnell – The Moodys / S2 Ep1

TV Drama Serial:
Danny Raco – Home and Away / Ep6109
Chris Langman – Neighbours / Ep6962
Scott Hartford-Davis – Home and Away / Ep6051
David Gould – Home and Away / Ep6017

TV Mini Series:
Kate Dennis – Secrets & Lies / Ep2
Tony Krawitz – Devil’s Playground / Ep5
Peter Salmon – Secrets and Lies / Ep6
Ian Watson – Anzac Girls / Ep6

TV Children’s:
Peter Salmon – Nowhere Boys / S2 Ep1
Cate McQuillen – Get Grubby TV
Sally Browning & Gary Doust – Blue Zoo
Craig Irvin – Nowhere Boys / S2 Ep7

Documentary Series:
Paul Scott – Redesign My Brain / Ep1
Ruth Cullen – The Dreamhouse / Ep3
Don Featherstone & James Bogle – The War That Changed Us / Ep1
Jennifer Peedom – Life at 9 / Ep2
Cian O’Clery – Changing Minds / Ep2

Documentary Stand-Alone:
Kelrick Martin – Prison Songs
Danielle MacLean – Blown Away
Donna Geyer – Orphans On Wall Street
Fiona Cochrane – All In Her Stride

The winners will be announced on Friday 8 May at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins.

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