Clear win for Seven as Nine’s Amazing 90s lands third in slot


Nine’s debut of The Amazing 90s was third in its slot last night. At 547,000 viewers it was beaten by Criminal Minds and ABC’s Mad as Hell / Agony double.

That allowed Seven to finish the night around 10 points share ahead of Nine. It did fare a little better in the demos than in Total People.

Elsewhere yesterday there was a noticeable lift in ABC News Breakfast. Brekkie TV numbers are still being impacted by school holidays in some states, but it was kind to ABC.

Seven network won Wednesday with 35.2% then Nine 25.7%, ABC 16.6%, TEN 16.0% and SBS 6.5%.

My Kitchen Rules (1.38m) again topped the night for Seven then Seven News (910,000 / 910,000), Criminal Minds (854,000 / 596,000), Home and Away (775,000) and Million Dollar Minute (446,000). Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD was 188,000.

Nine News (1.07m / 989,000) was best for Nine then ACA (867,000), The Block (801,000), Hot Seat (619,000), The Amazing 90s (547,000) and Forever (303,000).

ABC News (802,000) led ABC then Mad as Hell (678,000), 7:30 (608,000), Agony (582,000), QI (495,000) and Would I Lie to You? (414,000).

The Project was 581,000 / 467,000 for TEN. TEN Eyewitness News was 540,000, David Attenborough’s The Tree of Life was 358,000, Wonderland was 351,000 and The Good Wife was 246,000.

On SBS ONE Tony Robinson’s WW1 led with 301,000 then London’s Super Tunnel (297,000), SBS World News (147,000) and The Legacy (143,000).

Neighbours again topped multichannels at 300,000.

Sunrise: 310,000
Today: 257,000
ABC News Breakfast: 114,000 / 63,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 15 April 2015


  1. Anyone noticed how “Home and Away’ continues to go down in nunbers, remember when they regularly topped a million every night? Is age finally wearying this old show or is it just time to wind it all up of pass it over to Seven 2 ? Thoughts anyone? The last time I saw it, it seemed to be stuck in a recurring pattern of re run storylines with different characters. Also losing the Younes, peacocke team hasnt helped.

  2. Criminal Minds is doing pretty well for a show in its 10th year – how many other shows in their 10th years still pull those figures (besides Home & Away/Neighbours)?

  3. Not surprised The Amazing 90s bombed. The first half of the decade was great but it all went pair-shaped the moment John Howard was elected. From that time on the decade was a train wreck. A pity they couldn’t have done “The Amazing 1990-95”.

  4. Enjoyed TV last night criminal minds, sons of anarchy and the glades on one and hardcore pawn and baggage battles on 7mate. PVR workout.

  5. Happy seeing ABC brekkie show going up in numbers. People constantly complain about the ridiculous amount of adds on Sunrise and Today in the mornings. Maybe their threats to change to ABC are becoming reality.

  6. Criminal Minds has been ratings solidly, (with <50s too), on Wednesday's during Winter for nearly a decade.
    The Amazing 90s cost bugger all and rated well with <50s so Nine will be happy.
    They all trounced Wonderland.

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