Dance Academy comeback on the big screen

Former ABC3 series charts a return as a feature film.


ABC teen drama Dance Academy is set to become a feature film.

The series, which ended a three season run in 2013, will be revisited as Dance Academy: The Comeback and sees young ballerina, Tara (Xenia Goodwin), will pursue her dream to be a star.

The ABC3 series enjoyed global success and won Logies, Australian Directors Guild Awards, AWGIE Awards, Kidscreen Awards, and nominations at the International Emmys, AFI Awards, Seoul International Drama Awards, Banff World Media Festival, Hugo Television Awards and Asian Television Awards.

Co-creators Joanna Werner will again produce while writer Sam Strauss pens the screenplay.

Jeffrey Walker (Modern Family, Banished, Jack Irish) will direct.

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  1. Completely agree with Ronnie. As a kid raised in the noughties, we were flooded with live action kids shows. Round the twist, parallax, mortified, the saddle club, blue water high, out there, ocean girl, jeopardy, eugenie sandler PI, the sleepover club… it goes on and on.
    I’m 21 now, and even though I’m kinda old for it I have seen all of Dance Academy and it is just absolutely awesome. That show deserves every award it can get. I’m so excited for this movie! Nowhere Boys isn’t as good, but I guess if you’re younger you would be able to enjoy it a bit more. More shows do need to be commissioned though- it’s a bit sad and quiet at the moment.

  2. It’s so great to have a Dance Academy movie and a Nowhere Boys movie. “Brand extensions” . However ABC kids has a very specific remit and there has been an embarrassing lack of new, live action, half-hour kids drama being commissioned. The ABC has dropped the ball in this area and it is not acceptable. Time to get back to basics – ours kids love live-action drama – be it comedy-drama, high-concept or sci-fi and deserve as much from the national broadcaster, particularly because FTA has abandoned this in favour of lower-cost animation.

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