Jeremy Clarkson cancels Have I Got News for You appearance


Ex Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has cancelled plans to appear on another BBC show, Have I Got News For You.

Clarkson had been scheduled for April 24.

“On reflection, Jeremy Clarkson has decided not to host Have I Got News for You. We fully expect him to resume his hosting duties later in the year,” Hat Trick Productions’s managing director Jimmy Mulville said.

The presenter was involved in a scuffle with producer Oisin Tymon and had been suspended pending an investigation conducted by the BBC.

He is due in Australia in July for a Live event which no longer carries the Top Gear branding.

Source: Digital Spy


  1. I’ve watched HIGNFY for years, and can see why he dropped out, as the team captains Merton and Hislop wouldn’t have given him a free ride. They can be merciless

  2. The BBC can hardly suspend Clarkson, not air footage shot for the last 3 episodes of Top Gear and not renew his contract, and then show him in other shows. And after he is suspended and his contract not renewed it’s not likely that Clarkson wants to help the BBC.

  3. Little unexpected as this has been known for some time, wonder why they waited until now to make this decision.

    Anyone else still expecting video of the ‘scuffle’ to appear on YouTube one day? Fat drunk guy yelling in hotel.

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