MKR returns to #1 but Odd Couple slips for TEN


Last night My Kitchen Rules returned to #1, although at 1.33m viewers it is down on it strongest numbers topping 1.7m viewers. It was still clear of The Block on 923,000.

But TEN took a hit with The Odd Couple at 463,000 and 411,000 for two episodes, while SBS was knocking on the door with Planes that Changed the World (341,000).

There were also low numbers in breakfast television, perhaps affected by school holidays in some states.

ABC had a good night clearing the 20% share.

Seven network won Monday with 29.5% then Nine 27.8%, ABC 20.2%, TEN 16.0% and SBS 6.5%.

My Kitchen Rules was 1.33m for Seven then Seven News (1.17m / 1.03m), Home and Away (740,000), Revenge (611,000) and Million Dollar Minute (589,000). A movie Coyote Ugly was 279,000 at 10pm.

Nine News (1.13m / 1.08m) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (997,000), The Block (923,000), The Big Bang Theory (911,000 / 750,000) and Hot Seat (616,000). Footy Classified was 214,000 in 3 cities. Two Person of Interest repeats were 123,000 / 59,000 in 2 cities and a first run episode was 75,000 in 3 cities.

ABC News (901,000) led for ABC then Australian Story (849,000), 7:30 (776,000), Media Watch (667,000), Four Corners (627,000) and Q & A (604,000).

It was a tough night for TEN with TEN Eyewitness News (605,000), The Project (569,000 / 465,000), The Odd Couple (463,000 / 411,000) Law and Order: SVU was 411,000 and Elementary was 248,000.

On SBS ONE it was Planes that Changed the World (341,000), Pilgrimage with Simon Reeve (181,000), SBS World News (167,000), Strip the Cosmos (145,000) and Food Safari (110,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels with a round 300,000.

Sunrise: 280,000
Today: 266,000
ABC News Breakfast: 86,000 / 44,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 13 April 2014


  1. Ten should axe Odd Couple its aa silly show and so is Modern Family they are both boring shows
    i hate the block time it got axed
    i like MKR and Masterchef Australia

  2. I was out of town staying in a motel last night where live free to air TV was the only option for TV. After getting back around 8pm after dinner, we left MKR on as we thought it was an interesting challenge but after that – it was all downhill. Sure there are plenty of channels to chose from, but starting and finishing times are literally all over the shop – even within one networks’ group of channels to the point where if one show finishes, you simply can’t watch another on without missing part of it unless you stay on the same channel. But – if the show on the same channel is one you don’t watch or never have watched (like Revenge for us) why would you stay on the same channel? You absolutely go looking elsewhere only to find you’ve missed starts of everything else or have to wait until later… end result, TV goes off and nothing else FTA gets watched.

    Point here is – … this is no doubt a common problem for many people these days hence the drop off it ratings after 8.45pm or so…

    • While part of your comment got cut off from the word limit, from what is there I totally agree with what you have to say. Why can’t the networks be more consistent with their programing like the US networks (where programing brings on the hour or half hour). in this 21st, the consumer wants choice and with this horrible programing (and way too many cooking and reno reality shows we get from the networks) we do not get choice from the networks. All they are doing is driving us away to Foxtel, Streaming Services and some slightly illegal online methods to get the choice we want.

  3. A bit of a drop for home and away. I don’t recall seeing an episode of home and away rate in the 700s in recent times. Happy to be corrected on that. Probably a sign of viewers being tired of 7 playing around with the show and all the recent doubles and triples. Brax hardly even appears these days yet home and away is still all about that character.

    Watched a bit of the feed last night on sbs2 and the interesting story they had on tiny houses.

  4. Most of the audience for POI have moved on to illegal downloading, poor programming does that.

    Can’t blame Ten for the drop for Odd Couple. CBS starts a new show then puts a break of 3 week between episodes. But Twn should not have burned the episodes, now they are stuck with only one a week.

  5. The first POI episode was listed as a new one, #4.14 Guilty. There isn’t much difference in ratings between a new ep and a rpt these days.

    It is school hols in many places. The overnights look like what is on in the background while people are doing other stuff early in the evening, then they fall off a cliff.

    • Which is why the consolidated figures are the actually interesting ones.

      The overnights are really only useful for advertisers, & network bragging rights the morning after.

        • Well, yes, but some people (esp. around here ;)) take them seriously. I’ve never really understood that myself…

          Personally, I’ve never really understood the loyalty of some to particular programmes or networks, and quite frankly am puzzled why some non-TV people place so much weight on the ratings of their favourites (to keep score?) – but there y’go.

          Myself, the ‘what & how’ trends of what people watch are far more interesting than the specifics.

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