Paula Duncan opens up on depression

Paula Duncan, so memorable as Danni Francis in Cop Shop, has spoken to Craig Bennett onĀ Studio 10, mostly about dealing with depression and marriage breakdown.

One of the biggest revelations she shares is that she only learned about her mother’s death during a recording of This is Your Life, when her father, brothers and sister emerged to greet her.

Duncan was as famous as Rebecca Gibney, Lisa McCune or Asher Keddie during her heyday on Seven’s 70s cop show.

She most recently appeared in ABC’s Hiding.

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  1. bettestreep2008

    I also enjoyed her on Prisoner and Neighbours.

    Depression is a serious problem and has affected so many talented people. Rowena Wallace also has had problems. Wonder how many others there are.

    Paula – you were – and still are – terrific

    • Some of the others who have suffered from depression or social phobias are Gary McDonald, Lorraine Bayly and Rebecca Gibney. Of course there are others like Jessica Rowe who occasionally speak on the broader issue of mental health. IMBD has a list of notable overseas actors who have mental health issues such as Hugh Laurie and Kim Basinger (who has a marked social phobia).

  2. Maev....Sydney

    Always enjoyed watching what this actor was in…and yes…she has had some difficulties to deal with…but she always seems to come out on top…best wishes for Ms Duncan.

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