Renewed: The Real Housewives of Melbourne

But Gina Liano is thinking of jumping ship.

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne has been renewed for a third season.

News Corp reports a third season of the hit Arena show is set to begin filming in August.

But star attraction Gina Liano is thinking of quitting the show, fed up with the constant catfights.

“I’ve loved the opportunity that the show has given me,” she tells the newspaper.

“I’ve launched my autobiography and I’ve had an audience and that’s fantastic and I’ve met some beautiful people.

“I’ve loved that, but I don’t like the fact I find it humiliating, the treatment and the behaviour.

“I don’t know if I would do that again.

“I want to have leave having my integrity rather then being battered further.”

Liano, is also set to appear in a guest acting role on Neighbours in coming weeks, and has been rumoured for her own Judge Judy-style series -although nothing has yet emerged.

But she has also given as good has she has received, famously calling one cast member an “Insignificant arse-hair.”

“I find it a bit degrading, I’ve never found myself in social situations like this before.”

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