1. Am I the only one who noticed the strange editing on mkr last night. They were about to taste second dessert and cut to ad break. When returned straight into scoring. Weird they have never done this before. Was it intentional, it felt like a segment was missed.

    • I thought it was strange at first, but after seeing what a disaster Kat & Andre’s dessert turned out to be it made sense as the scoring looked pretty even with the entrées and mains. If viewers had seen the inside of their dessert before the ad break I’d say a lot of them would have switched over.

  2. Home and Aways numbers are really dropping, the show is in dire need of an overhaul, so many of the characters at the moment are so bland and un interesting, but with the way the ridiculous production is with it being filmed some 6-8 months in advance I expect it will be along time before we see any improvement on screen…..

  3. HTGAWM was totally the wrong fit for Seven’s blue rinse brigade audience… combined with poor (for them) ratings and there’s no way it could stay.
    7’s done well to maintain an audience for Revenge, but i suppose it’s essentially a soap, and oldies love a soap

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