1. TCN reporters in Dungog during the storms in which some houses were washed away… sad as the sight of those destroyed houses was, what was obscene was a reporter from Station TCN-Sydney intruding on NBN’s coverage area. Station NBN-Newcastle’s exclusive coverage area stretches from just north of the Hawkesbury River, up to just over the Qld/NSW border. Exclusive because Prime and Northern Rivers Television have both abrogated their responsibilities to the regions they were meant to serve. Station TCN reporters should stay in Sydney and leave the rest of NSW to NBN(northern half) and WIN(southern half).

  2. Seven’s attempt to cash in on the ANZAC centenary has seriously backfired. Sending its three top newsreaders to cover an event that warrants only one of them, the cast of Sunrise and numerous reporters is no different to Woolworths ‘fresh in our memories’ scandal. The only people who need to be there are Chris Bath and Ben Roberts-Smith to host Seven’s coverage on Saturday. The plan to telecast whole news bulletins from Gallipoli was ludicrous and an obvious attempt to chase ratings in the very poorly performing Sydney market. Shame on Seven.

  3. @Jason
    Totally agree one day a flying object will come through the air and do some damage to the reporter and after the authorities told people to stay indoors they were irresponsible

  4. thats good numbers for the today show and mornings both shows that i like. David do you the numbers for news battle in queensland. Is channel 9 winning that battle

  5. Still laughing at the absurdities of “Dwayne”and “Bambi” standing out in 100kph winds and torrential rain, trying to voice overlays recorded elsewhere hours earlier, with backdrops of a few street lights, which could be anywhere. So much easier to understand what the autocue reader is saying from his/her Ultimo/Martin Place/Artarmon studio. Still, the sight of “Bambi’s” carefully coiffured hair being whipped around her head by a 100kph wind, with torrential rain exfoliating her makeup, did add a light touch to a bad-news day. These live-crosses-to-somewhere-just-to-show-that-we-can are ridiculous.

      • Maev....Sydney

        Never understood the concept of a reporter standing out anywhere…does not add anything to the news report…often appears to me…they are overlaid onto the scene also….

  6. If I’m not mistaken ratings for studio 10 are up about 30% with Chrissy Swan( im sure there usualIy around 45-50k)wonder if that will be repeated today and if so will she become permanent?

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