Airdate: The Passing Bells


Just when you thought we were done with Gallipoli dramas, along comes The Passing Bells, commissioned as part of the BBCs programming to mark the Centenary of WW1.

Written by Tony Jordan (Hustle, Life on Mars), the 4 part series sees the conflict of the First World War unfold through the eyes of two very ordinary young men. It takes place against the Western Front, the Gallipoli Campaign, the Battle of the Somme, the Eastern Front, and the American Expeditionary Forces.

It stars Paddy Gibson, Jack Lowden, Charles Furness, Wilf Scolding and Hubert Burton.

Paddy Gibson and Jack Lowden star as Thomas and Michael, two young men for whom the war has little mercy, no matter which side they might be fighting for. Over five chronological years The Passing Bells follows their lives, as they grow up, lose friends and find love amid the horrors of the war. Back home, their families and loved ones anxiously await news from the front.

Gibson and Lowden, who this year won an Olivier Award and the Ian Charleson Award for Ghosts, are supported by a host of upcoming talent including Charles Furness, Brian Fletcher, Wilf Scolding, Hubert Burton, Felix Auer, Ben McGregor, Mark Burghagen and Matthew Aubrey.

Thursdays at 8.30pm from May 28th on BBC First.


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