Axed: Hart of Dixie

It's official. US network The CW has opted not to renew the small town medical drama.


It’s official. US series Hart of Dixie has been axed after 4 seasons.

The CW has opted not to renew the small town medical drama starring Rachel Bilson. The news had been expected.

Its Season 4 finale ended in the US with 1.37m viewers but is yet to play out in Australia.

There are 8 more episodes set to run on FOX8, currently screening on Thursday nights.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Hart of Dixie was over the top tripe, Summer from The OC deserved a much better show than this. The character of Lemon in particular was ridiculous and insufferable.

    The 100, The Flash, Arrow, and Vampire Diaries are the best shows on the CW right now. Reign and Originals are okay but their second seasons aren’t as strong as the first.

  2. Understandable … but just what does the CW have instore as new shows for later this year? Hope some more great Sci-Fi!
    I was disappointed by them axing Star Crossed but I don’t know why The Originals is still going at all.

    1. Well arrow and flash have there spin off, then u have the 100 so there set.
      Izombie is really good too.

      Yeah I really liked starcrossed and Tommorow people, but atleast a lot of them shows actors got a gig on flash.
      A lot of people like originals and a fair bit says it’s better then vampire diaries plus it rates well so of course it got another season

    2. Wouldn’t be expecting much new at all out of CW given they renewed their entire fall schedule + iZombie. I expect they’ll pick-up the Brandon Routh Arrow spin-off, other than that I have no idea what they have in the pipeline, and it’ll depend on how they plan to juggle what they’ve already renewed (running multiple shows for 13-16 ep seasons, bumping low-raters like Reign to Summer or running a full drama schedule on Fridays).

    3. DC Legends of Tomorrow – Flash/Arrow spin off. A time traveller tries to unite super heros and super villians to avert a future apocalypse. Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller, Atom, and Black Canary I
      Cordon – remake of the Belgian show shown on SBS this year.
      Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Career Woman gives up everything to chase love. Reworking of a failed Showtime pilot.

      The CW is expanding its drama programming and seems to be relying more on OS sales, streaming and syndication revenue for what they’ve got, rather than axing all their low ratings shows and hoping to replace them with hits.

      Porter, and others, also tweeted less politely about the cancelation several months ago before the season finished airing.

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