1. I agree with the criticism of using multi channels to simulcast .. They could do it with sports but they don’t .. Maybe if they were clever and do a +2 so someone could watch house rules then Reno rumble .. Win win for freeview but while they play the man rather than the ball then they all lose

  2. Congrats Ten. I decided to check out MasterChef for the first time after all the praise I’ve heard about the show. It was inspiring, down to earth and the contestants were very relateable. I will definitely be back, but will be recording and watching later without ads. Lets hope Ten will take advantage of the ratings and rejuvinate its post 8.30 lineup. NCIS and SVU are getting a little stale.

  3. chivasssimo

    Hi David, I am interested to know what source or sources you are referring to when you talk about shows trending on Twitter? Just my own curiosity.

  4. Thrilled to see Masterchef do well. Even more thrilled to see Nine and Seven’s simulcasts flounder. It’s a shame networks aren’t as eager to use their HD channels to show sport as they are to show reality tv shows.
    Nine and Seven going head to head with reno shows and later in the year The Voice going up against X Factor can only be good for Ten.

  5. I watched House Rules live as i really love this show. The new couples are great but to come 3rd in the timeslot would be a touch worrying for Seven considering all the promotion but 2 reno shows head to head this was always going to happen.

    I then watched Masterchef after and it was fantastic. Well done to TEN. The ratings were well deserved and its going to be a great season. I really hope it continues to do well and TEN can have some change of luck for a change. Its good to see someone else on top.

    I watched Reno Rumble today and it just didn’t interest me as much. Won’t be taking a 2nd look. Its a House Rules rip off.

  6. Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares down 240k on last week. Presumably those people were all watching Masterchef and didn’t bother watching the Ramsey show as that was a good 10 minutes in by the time MC ended.

    I wonder how the catch-up figures will look? And whether Seven will adjust their scheduling next week to let the MC audience see the whole show?

  7. harrypotter1994

    Oh Wow big congrats to 10 – now lets see if they can sustain it.

    Didn’t watch House Rules or the other reality shows this time around, put Revenge on from last night then watched Insight on SBS

  8. David, are you sure Love Child was simulcast? I’m in Hobart (I know, outside the 5CM), we had Top Gear on Go! before the movie. I didn’t flick through channels until just before 9 though, so I’m unsure whether RR was even simulcast here? House Rules was roadblocked here.

  9. Nine would have won the night in network shares if GO! had regular viewing last night. Seven would have had at least 3% more overall if 7two and mate had regular viewing last night. Its bad enough having three realities now 5 times a week on three channels but the simulcasting is a kick in the teeth for variety overall.

    Yesterday I praised Seven for the fact they were still able to pull over 3% on their two multi channels during a major reality finale – today the network sees the full effect of throwing away those extra viewers by simulcasting on three channels. Will any of them learn it makes no difference to the numbers that watch the show – it costs them viewers overall looking for alternatives.

  10. I am happy with this result especially for House Rules. Channel Seven have advertised that show to the death of it especially during the MKR grand final where it was advertised during every single ad break on the show it would seem.

  11. Two points- simulcasting is wrong. It would be actually beneficial if the networks used this practice for sport where SD is often not great quality especially on large screens. It’s more than pleasing to see these tactics fail for ch7 and 9 last night.

    Happy to see ch10 succeed!

  12. The non posting of results in your “ratings” summary is ridiculous.
    Who cares if the shows are simulcast.
    Your summary represents an overall performance for each network. That should equate to all televised programs.
    This continual denial and stance, for whatever reason is just p*ssing me off.
    I want an overall summary and not have to go to another part of the blog to work it out.

    If you are going to provide a service, provide the full service and not have a hidden agenda.


    • Thanks for the feedback, but most readers have indicated they are not in favour of split-coding and simulcasting results in ratings analysis. There is no point in editorials that compare performance when all things are not equal. Taking the simulcasting concept even further, if it were extended across multiple shows audiences would no longer be offered the viewing alternatives that Freeview promised multichannels would supply. Frankly ratings wraps have never included every primetime show in any case. Ever. But the site still published the top 20 rankings regardless, and is far more comprehensive in daily, weekly, timeshifted, shares than most media. Thanks.

      • But you have never not listed numbers flagship shows for Nine and Seven before. They are the most significant ratings numbers for months and will determine what happens for the next couple of months. Here it’s likes like pretending that over 1.6m viewers weren’t watching anything at the peak of the evening in your wrap up.

      • Thanks David, that’s the response I expected.

        If the scenario for last night in fact had Masterchef simulcast, does that mean that there would be nothing to report on this “ratings” post for any of the 3 competing programs? I would suggest that the ratings numbers would not be listed on here but I am sure your story would highlight who won.
        Maybe simulcast is right or wrong, I don’t really care too much but to simply ignore it is not going to make it go away.

        • It would depend if the numbers were merged. I report simulcast numbers for ABC News Breakfast or previously Q&A because they are separated and supplied. Networks argue they are simulcasting to give greater sampling of their new shows, but sampling can still be achieved without the need to merge numbers.

          If I may suggest, think of it like this: Networks are merging numbers to lift them and land media headlines. So if media follow their lead, viewers are in effect being offered less content. As a media commentator that’s not a strategy I can endorse. My writing a headline adds to you as a viewer being offered less choice. How does this make sense? Other media today report the numbers without even clarifying the simulcast. How is this informative to them as readers? The ratings system has decades of comparing equal performance: in timeslots, in markets, with good reason. Until we can get them to change to metro + regional as the standard I’m not yet swayed by strategic coding nor playing along.

          • I understand the points you are making David. But I would argue TVT is an industry site as well as a consumer site.

            It is a little odd for three of the biggest lavish shows of 2015 to go head to head, and TVT not acknowledge the battle or 2 of the 3 shows. Last night was a truly important night in television and the stakes are huge. I think you missed tre real story here. To not report on it because you are trying to get the nets to stop simulcasting is odd

            There are 15 channels and we have over 2500 hours a week of programming. Of that maybe 10 a week is simulcast. It’s a tiny tiny tiny fraction. And the “less choice” argument is a bit odd – with 15 channels, DVRs, steaming, catch up apps etc – you have more choice than ever

            Why not just acknowledge the simulcast in the copy of story “House Rules was third in its timeslot with 800,000 viewers – although it should be noted…

          • The real story was TEN’s stunning win on a single channel. It has Feature status and the story details Seven was relegated to third. I would never presume a blog would influence the bigger game, but background to editorial is explained here. TVT has published the numbers, they are a click away.

          • James-original

            So you say you’re not swayed by strategic coding yet just yesterday you said.

            re: MKR final.
            ‘The numbers were well down on 2014 which averaged 2.6m / 2.3m and essentially no real improvement on The Block‘s 2.03m auction last week’

            Now, that ‘2.03m’ is the strategic coding for the 10 minute Winner Announced part. The entire episode averaged 1.8 million.

            Why is one OK & the other not?

          • Not sure I have suggested it is OK. It’s included as it is a single channel. Entire ep averages are not detailed to me as to you.

    • Really?

      You’re angry at the summary on a free website from a guy who does this as his passion (and earns money only via advertising revenue)?

      You’re angry because you cant click on another link to read a summary of numbers?

      Just an incredibly short-sighted and arrogant post. Perhaps you should find another site to get this information from. Good luck with that

    • Maev....Sydney

      I have to agree with others…if you dont like what you see here…why bother coming in….I for one…(well another)….do not agree with running a show on 2 and 3 channels at the same time.

      • Dantheman84

        We know that David doesnt mention simulcast figures in the ratings wrap and has said many times why. This is Davids blog where he shares his opinion based on his many years o experience. We know what to expect when we visit. I didn’t hear any one complaining when he doesn’t mention FF or IACGMOH. But when he doesn’t mention Seven or Nine its a big deal?. Keep up the good work David don’t listen to them.

  13. Well done Ten! Masterchef has traditionally started slowly until the final contestants are selected. It has always been more about the cooking than editing and voice overs to manufacture conflict and they have played to that well.

    Nine’s Reno Rumble has successfully spoiled House Rules. With The Voice to follow, Seven will be worried.

    • Well Done Ten….. You need some good news for a change.

      And i dare say Nine will be over the moon with spoiling Seven. Cant imagine they thought they would win but the aim would have been to damage HR. Which i think they have done…. well based on 1 nights figures so far.

      • The simulcast would have picked up a few undecided viewers, at the cost of losing regular viewers from the preempted shows. As 72, 73 and Go!’s shares for the whole evening were way down it can’t have been many. Simulcasting is enough to keep FF hanging in the Top Twenty, but not enough to make much of a difference here when people have definite ideas about what they want to watch.

        Seven were right to be worried though.

    • If the production standards continue, and they don’t kill the golden goose with repeated reruns, hopefully TEN will be on top for more than “a night”. Looks like Grey’s Anatomy was down in SBS-territory.

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