Shark Tank: May 17


This Sunday on Shark Tank they are biting at the feet….

More than 14 million Australians reportedly experience foot pain and two entrepreneurs believe they have a product to ease the suffering.

Podiatrists Rachel Ferguson and Marie Ann Lewis claim to have designed a new range of orthotics that is beneficial to both adults and kids.

The pair reveal their inner sole range on Shark Tank this Sunday and the presentation creates a feeding frenzy, with good cause.

The global orthotics market is expected to turn over more than $4.5 billion this year, and Rachel and Marie Ann want a slice of it.

The pair claim their design is far more versatile and durable than anything else on the market.

Already the pair have the backing of colleagues, with more than a quarter of all podiatrists in WA now committed customers.

Their plan is to take the business global but will their determination to maintain majority ownership be their undoing?

9pm Sunday on TEN.



  1. I enjoy watching this and it would be good if they did a follow up on all the sharks who have bought into peoples ideas and how they are going.

  2. I’ll confess I haven’t watched this show but it has received very solid ratings, especially since its been shifted around a lot. I’m expecting it to return next year possibly as more of a flagship show, stripped across two or three maybe even four nights a week.

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