Darren & Brose to host new late-night chat show for ONE

ONE backs a new comedy chat show with former C31 presenters, Darren Chau & Brose Avard.


Former Channel 31 presenters Darren Chau and Brose Avard have been given a slot for a late night chat show on ONE.

The duo, who produced C31 Melbourne’s first nightly live daily shows, will host Darren & Brose, a half-hour late-night comedy chat series from early July.

Combining celebrity chat, sketches, parodies, pranks and music the first episode will feature Julia Morris, Denise Drysdale, Stefan Dennis, David Reyne, Dave O’Neil, Lawrence Leung and an Aussie sporting anthem from Mike Brady.

Upcoming guests include Max Walker, Brian Mannix, Steve Moneghetti, Sam Pang and even Dickie Knee.

“We want to give people a laugh to end their day and there’s not much we won’t do. We even crashed a 1500-seat event and arrested innocent people for crimes against fashion,” said Darren Chau (pictured, left).

“We’re massive fans of both late-night talk shows and sketch comedy shows, so we’re very excited about bringing them both back to Aussie TV with our show Darren & Brose.”

Brose Avard (pictured, right) added: “The sketches have been really fun to make and as a bloke in my thirties, I’ve discovered that it’s never too late to start dressing up as an Avenger.”

The show marks one of the few times a multichannel has backed a late-night chat show, with GO’s The Darren Sanders Show ending in January.

Darren & Brose also represents another case of Community Television talent moving to Free to Air. While the sector puts pressure on Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull to extend their deadline to move online, they acknowledge the training ground they have provided for Logie-winning acts such as Hamish and Andy and Rove McManus.

Darren & Brose premieres 11pm Thursday, July 2nd on ONE.

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  1. Is this show ‘new’ new, or just ‘new’ to Ten as a repackaged cut of their old show? There’s a hint of past tense about the way they’re talking, like it’s in the can already.

  2. Awesome news. I worked with these guys back in my uni days where they gave me an opportunity to learn about TV and it was the most fun I’ve ever had. These guys deserve this big opportunity and I encourage everyone to check this out, it’s what Australian comedy and TV needs. Also some of you might recognise Brose from the recent Matador BBQ ads over summer!

  3. Great news! Never heard of them before; but great that Network TEN have given them the opportunity and picked up the show as some alternate first run programming. Let’s just hope (I’m doubtful) that they actually promote the hell out of it to give it every chance at being successful. Looking forward to it

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