Gina Liano returning for Real Housewives


Integrity schmegrity, Gina Liano is back for a third season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

The barrister recently said she was unsure if she would do another season.

“I want to have leave having my integrity rather then being battered further,” she said recently.

But News Corp reports she is on board for more and speculates that possibly two of the remaining cast won’t be back in a full time role.

“I would very much like to see some new girls,” Liano said.

“I think we are here to entertain, it’s not a matter if I like or dislike someone, it’s really a matter of what is great for the audience.”

The Arena series recently sent out a casting call for potential new candidates in case it opted the shake up the cast.

Filming on the next series will start in July.


  1. Arena’s recent polling of the fans favourite housewives showed Gina way out in front, that would force Foxtel’s hand. The least? Pettifleur.

    I wonder if Arena is sweetening Gina’s deal with her own show (Judge Gina anyone??)

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