Nine puts a spell on You’re Back in the Room


Hypnosis looks set to become the new battleground for TV networks.

Following recent news that FremantleMedia was looking for participants for a new hypnosis show, Nine has now confirmed a local version of UK game show, You’re Back in the Room.

Irish-born hypnotist Keith Barry (pictured, right), who appears in the UK series which premiered in March, will front the Australian series.


The format sees participants in an array of challenges before a studio audience with cash prizes on offer. A host is yet to be announced.

Late last year Seven confirmed it would air Mesmerised featuring Peter Powers this year, produced by Endemol Australia.

You can apply for auditions in Sydney & Brisbane for You’re Back in the Room here.


  1. Title should be “Nine puts a smell in Back in the Room”. This show sounds like a stinker. A one-off special at 9.30 should be done as a failure test before putting to series.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    Nine should put this on at 7:30 and hypnotise everyone with a ratings box to leave their TV on 9 for the whole night.

    “You don’t want to watch the final episode of Person of Interest……you want renovation…more renovation……all night……all week……and ads…you love watching ads……ads about renovation shows……ads for hardware stores……ads for renovation products……ads for fast food to eat while renovating……”

  3. Seven and maybe 10 might have had a few ideas from channel 9 in the past about shows, but my goodness how many shows have nine tried to copy from seven and ten over the past years, with slight variation but basically the same format, too many to mention. Stop being so childish 9 and get some backbone for your own shows perhaps people might start getting interested in your channel again. You are worse than children.

    • I’m starting to get the impression you don’t like Nine MM. Just some of the subtext in your comments. It’s subtle, but it’s just there.

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