Reno Rumble: grand final


Nine’s Reno Rumble screens the first of it’s two-part Grand Final tonight, with $100,000 on offer.

Either The Block‘s Ayden and Jess or House Rules’ Carly and Leighton will win a new car plus half the cash, with the other half going to a charity. Runners up will pocket $25,000 and the same for their chosen charity.

“Giving back to our charity and renovating other people’s homes was the reason we decided to be part of Reno Rumble,” Carly said. “We have been fortunate to benefit from our time on TV renovating, so we wanted to give something substantial back to people who really need it,” Leighton added.

“It’s been the main driver for us, to win as much money as we can for Kids Under Cover and help out other people who could only dream of renovating their home.”

Jess and Ayden said: “We’re so blessed to have two healthy children who can do everyday activities, like playing with friends, eating with the family and going to school. We take these things for granted.

“We just want to help these precious little boys with their ongoing health issues and try to give them some relief from their condition. This is a lifelong affliction they have to endure and we’re hoping to give them as much support as possible to ease the financial burden on their wonderful mother, Melanie.”

Australia’s top 16 reality renovators have endured six weeks of gruelling renovations, sleep deprivation, weekly eliminations, fractured friendships and accusations of cheating – all in their quest to transform 12 ordinary houses into beautiful, functional homes for deserving Aussies and give something back to their charities.

Who will be crowned Australia’s best reality renovators? Will it be the Redbacks’ fun couple from the Gold Coast, Ayden and Jess? Or will the Blue Tongues’ Carly and Leighton from South Australia claim their second TV renovating title?

What means more to both grand finalists is the chance to hand over a sizeable cheque to their respective charities, Two Little Boys to Avene and Kids Under Cover.

Carly and Leighton are playing for Kids Under Cover, an organisation which works to prevent youth homelessness by identifying kids at risk and preventing them from ending up on the streets by building portable studio homes to live in.

Carly and Leighton have already secured $10,000 for Kids Under Cover by winning the midweek Grand Final challenge.

Jess and Ayden are playing for Two Little Boys from Avene, which supports twin six-year-old boys Matthew and Harry Funk. The charity is close to their heart, as their little girl, Josie, went to kindy with the brothers who suffer from acute eczema, psoriasis and multiple food allergies so severe they can’t live like normal children.

The twins consume a special medical formula and are home-schooled because life in the outside world poses so many risks to them, some potentially fatal. On top of the weekly medical bills and pharmaceutical costs, the boys have recently begun specialised treatment at a dermatology centre in Avene, France. It costs approximately $30,000 for one round of treatment there, including air fares and accommodation.

The winners of Reno Rumble will receive a Mazda CX5 plus $100,000, with $50,000 going to their charity. The runners-up will receive $50,000, with $25,000 going to their charity.


Carly and Leighton and Jess and Ayden are preparing to reveal the very best renovations of the series when the Reno Rumble Grand Finale unveils two 100-year-old Seddon homes in Melbourne’s inner-west. Who will win?

7pm Sunday and 7:30pm Monday on Nine.


  1. i dont watch this show, but i’d swear the grand final has been advertised as if it was the next episode for about 3 weeks, i thought it ended weeks ago, how many grand finals has it had?

  2. I don’t understand how this Grand Final “Week” has gone for 2 weeks, nor how the “Grand Final” can be over 2 nights?
    Go Carly & Leighton!

  3. However well intentioned they may be it’s very difficult for anyone to sound genuine when they play the charity card, especially when they stand to personally gain as well.

    • U really think they need 50 thousand? Cause they don’t, there not doing It for the money, it’s for charity. And they like being on block, just the McDonald’s ads would earn jess and Aidan 50 thousand atleast

      • Random. If they don’t need the money (??) why wouldn’t they just donate some of their fortunes to charity (a lot easier than slogging it out on a tv show). Or maybe they just in it for the fame (shallow much).

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