Returning: Camp Orange (but without Luke & Wyatt)

US stars from The Thundermans, Jack Griffo & Kira Kosarin, will front Nickelodeon's ever-popular tween adventure.


Ever-popular Nickelodeon tween series Camp Orange is returning -but without channel ambassadors Luke and Wyatt who have hosted the last 4 seasons.

Instead, US stars from The Thundermans, Jack Griffo and Kira Kosarin, will front the series featuring three Australian teams and one from New Zealand.

Now in its eleventh season, the show has also been hosted by Dave Lawson and Maude Garrett, with Jennette McCurdy as a single season co-host.

A contrast to the glitz and glamour of the pair’s hometown in Los Angeles, Jack and Kira will make their first trip to the Australian bush to lead four teams of sibling duos: The Twinvincibles (Myles and Wynton, NSW), The Ginger Ninjas (Torin and Egan, QLD), The Waybad Sisters (Deni and Mika, QLD) and The Bro Zealanders (Connor and Liam, NZ), through the slimiest, smelliest and most seriously twisted challenges in the show’s eleven seasons.

This year, campers will have more at stake than ever before. The winning team, as voted by kids watching at home, will be crowned Nickelodeon’s Star Siblings at the series finale, scoring a recurring role on the channel as Nickelodeon’s official kid reporters. For the first time ever, the series finale will be recorded in front of a live audience – kids will be able to register at Nickelodeon.com.au for their chance to attend and feature as the series’ fifth team.

The warped world-premiere episode premieres Saturday, 27 June at 5.30pm. The first challenge of the series takes place on the battle-ground where most brother/sister beefs begin…the wardrobe! In Foamageddon, each team faces an open-air washing machine, where they are stuffed back-to-back inside a giant pair of get-along-undies and must face the foam to find hidden items of clothing. After an all-in slime fight, campers are cleaned up and taken to the Teepee of Truth, a place where each team takes turns in revealing their inner most thoughts of the day.

As well as mastering the physical challenges, siblings will also channel super-stomach strength to battle the Barf Buggy, a cart of disgusting delicacies that the winning team of each challenge must nominate one of their rival teams to dine on.

Now in its eleventh season, Camp Orange is Nickelodeon Australia’s multiple ASTRA Award-winning (2008, 2009, 2010) local production and Australia’s longest running kids’ reality series. Designed to give kids the ultimate adventure experience, it’s a reality show which celebrates kids being kids in the Aussie outdoors. Focusing on positive fair play, the series has had international success with the format being reproduced in Italy and the UK. This year’s Executive Producer is Mick Elliott and Series Producer is Jeremy Gilroy.

Saturday, 27 June at 5.30pm on Nickelodeon.

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