The Graham Norton Show: June 5

Guests: Kit Harrington, Matt LeBlanc, Rebel Wilson and British rockers Mumford & Sons.


This week The Graham Norton Show welcomes Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington, plus Matt LeBlanc, Rebel Wilson and British rockers Mumford & Sons.

And please, let’s not discuss everybody’s ages…

Matt talks about the longevity of Friends, Rebel chats about performing on the high wire, Kit Harrington says he’s been mistaken for a Hobbit and Mumford & Sons perform The Wolf live in the studio.

8:30pm Friday on TEN.

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  1. TEN are just adding to the mystery. The starting time is a mystery (it’s certainly never 8:30pm) and the finishing time is a mystery – it is never 9:30 nor even 9:40; so why not mystery eps?

  2. Always playing them out of order can you also check out why they are playing the late late show with James corden out of order as well because we had the newest episodes from say the first of June to the next night somewhere in May or March because I’m really liking him as a host

      1. I expect that as they continue to shuffle episodes and ‘express’ some episodes they have no idea what is going on. The other week they express aired the one with Kylie Minogue, I assume because they thought having a popular Australian guest would help with ratings.

        1. According to Ten’s website it’s still the Chris Pratt / Melissa McCarthy ep.
          Ten screens the eps depending on when the guests’ movies are released here. They showed the Kylie ep because she was talking about San Andreas, which she has a cameo in.

          1. It’s odd that they keep skipping this episode though given it has a local connection with Rebel Wilson, who was in the news a few weeks ago, and I presume she was plugging Pitch Perfect 2 which was released a few weeks ago now.

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