800 Words: promo

Look what's happened to Dave Rafter, now...

Is that Dave Rafter?

Erik Thomson is looking very taut in his new drama, 800 Words, coming soon to Seven.

It’s billed as an Aussie production, although strictly speaking this is an Aussie-NZ co-pro.

Will be interesting to see if Thomson’s vehicle is actually more successful than Rebecca Gibney’s Winter.

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  1. Interesting experiment for Seven. If it rates in prime time will be first New Zealand drama to ever achieve this and you can’t pretend it is anything other than an NZ production.

  2. Congratulations Seven- that was a fantastic trailer and Erik looks great! Loved the shots, beautiful scenery and touching premise- I will be tuning in whatever the time slot. Cheers for some fresh watching material and some new talent! Finally:)

  3. Well it all looks good to me….I will give it a go….just hope they dont over burden it with advertising…I don mind ads….but every few minutes and one cannot get into the story….

    1. Because Seven are co-producing it.

      I like NZ dramas. Go Girls was much better than Wonder, Outrageous Fortune was better than Tricky Business. The Amazing Johnsons was at least something different. Much better than the alternative or more News and repeats.

      TV’s budgets are contracting. Co-production are one way of making quality content for less money and generating overseas sales.

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