Airdate: Bondi Ink Tattoo


Tonight ELEVEN premieres Bondi Ink Tattoo, which follows the running of a tattoo studio in Bondi.

In a bid to help prepare the store for its busiest summer season ever, shop owner Wendy Tadrosse calls in Mike Diamond from NY Ink fame.

When Mike walks in to the store, he finds Moses asleep, Shaun goofing around and Dennis nowhere to be found. Realising they have a lot of work to do with the crew to lift them up to international standards,

Mike calls a team meeting. When Dennis is a no show, Mike tosses up the possibility of firing him. Shaun is left furious and Wendy questions whether hiring Mike was the best decision for her store.

8:30pm tonight on ELEVEN.


  1. So is this the same tattoo studio as the ABC2 series that was set in Bondi? They obviously tried to disguise it but it was set in a studio called ‘Bondi Ink’.

    Is it even a different production company?

    If I were a Murdoch looking to make an argument that the ABC is unnecessarily playing in the commercial space, this doubling up of programming would be a perfect example.

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