Patsy Biscoe remembers Pate Biscuit (& Bongo)

Children’s TV legend Patsy Biscoe, whose body of work includes children’s television with both Here’s Humphrey and Fat Cat and Friends, sat down to reminisce with News Corp’s Matt Gilbertson.

In recent years the South Australian has been a a local councillor and naturopath in the Barossa.

No discussion on her years in entertainment would be complete without a question on The Big Gig and Glynn Nicholas’ hilarious Pate Biscuit parody, but she acknowledged the impersonation as a tribute.

“It’s one of the best things that can happen. I thought it was just gorgeous and he’s so talented,” she said.

You ended up performing with him didn’t you?

“Yes! I went on his show, I loved it.”

So, I have to be honest, I was much more a fan of Fat Cat than I ever was of Humphrey. When did you make the change to that show?

“I had my son and at that point I left Humphrey and had six months at home. Fat Cat and Friends became the program and I started off just doing a segment, popping in during the show. It was great fun and the timing was right.”

Asked if she would ever perform a concert, Biscoe said, “I really don’t think so, that part of my life is in the past. I’m much happier enjoying music for me now.”


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  1. I loved the Big Gig, it brought a new generation of comedy stars to the masses. It was clever, unpredictable and different to the other skit-based shows that were popular at the time. I can’t help but wonder….where do the next Doug Anthony Allstars or Lano & Woodley (Found Objects) get their opportunity to shine?

    • DAAS’s coverage of the 1990 election was priceless (remember the baby kissing sketch?). We really need them back on TV to cover the next election. Or someone who can take their place.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    Has it really been a quarter of a century? The ABC was a hotbed of nascent comedy back then – the Doug Anthony All Stars, Flacco, Umbilical Brothers, Scared Weird Little Guys, Jean Kittson, Judith Lucy, and heaps of others all got their big breaks in Australia on ‘The Big Gig’. Andrew Denton also became a household name with ‘The Money or the Gun’ and ‘Live and Sweaty’.

    It’s a much changed TV landscape now.

  3. I honestly think the ABC should revive the Big Gig. It was the best thing on TV at the time. There aren’t any avenues anymore for comedians to do TV work. I believe that Sergeant ‘Ken Smith is close to retirement, so there should be one more chance for him to dispense his wisdom to the Australian public, along with his trusty colleague Constable Constable.

    • The Sideshow was meant to be the closest thing to The Big Gig, but I think it was axed due to funding and ratings – just as it had settled its feet.

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