1. Sports lovers dream tonight. Ashes on gem, origin on 9 and for those who love there cycling the tour de france. Masterchef wont get a look in tonight at my house. I will have to record it.

  2. Channel9 should be happy with those numbers.
    I agree with the majority of comments on here regarding Channel7 needing to changes from 5.30pm-7.30pm.
    I personally think 7 when 7 does indeed to show the local version of The Chase it still wont help, because nothing 7 have shown in the 5.30pm timeslot has been able to topple Millionaire Hot Seat.
    Maybe should do something with Home and Away. Regarding 7 news coverage i think a change is in order for example get some younger news readers to the news.
    If those continue for HouseRules i wonder if 7 will do something about the next season.

  3. You would expect 7 are planning sweeping changes from 5.30pm – 7.30pm. I wonder how fast they can put The Chase into production and on screens whilst also relaunching their news bulletin. Interesting to see 9 news in Adelaide consistently winning the 6.30pm time slot – a major shift in SA viewing habits.

  4. The story here is actually that House Rules is tanking in the lead up to its finale…
    It was doing about 1.6m for same episode last year wasn’t it David… a pretty strong story in that

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